An Anniversary Letter from the VBB

The VBB and The Wonderful Wife’s One Year Anniversary With Ms. Dana Kane. The elevator doors opened and we hesitantly step into the small and somewhat scary looking elevator. As the elevator slowly made its way to the third floor we left behind the lobby of the building that sat on 32nd Ave in New York City. […]

Screenshots: New F/M video ‘Closeup OTK’

In the style of my earlier videos, a spanking ‘for the love of spanking’ – this scene is nearly seven minutes of firm, over-the-lap hand spanking. No scolding, very little dialogue, and with a fair amount of giggling and caressing – with a close angle, so that my handprints are visible on his flesh. Sometimes, I […]

Dana for Senator

Welcome the first scene from my great day shooting with Miss Pandora Blake, Mike Stryker, and crew on my recent trip to London! There are lots of preview photos – and an extended preview video – available on Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking website. In this scene, I am running for Senate (!) and Pandora and […]

Conversations with Spankos: Brutality

Readers, What constitutes brutality, within the confines of spanking and/or corporal punishment? Is it subjective? Conversations with Spankos: Chapter 7 I’ve seen many photos, videos, and written accounts of what could be called ‘Corporal Brutality’…extreme paddling, caning, or whipping scenes where the bottom’s bottom is reduced to smithereens. Usually, these are things which I would consider […]

Your Opinioin: POV-style videos

Readers,In making different types of videos, I’ve found that along with doing a lot of spanking, I also enjoy recording the POV-style videos. (For those unfamiliar, POV stands for ‘point of view’ and usually feature one or more persons speaking or gesturing directly to the camera (you).)A few men have remarked that – while they […]

New Free Spanking Video: Tips for Tops – Strike Zone

I have an indescribable amount of fun making the Product Testing videos, and have received much positive feedback. It’s great that so many people appreciate the humorous side of this thing we do. In that vein, here comes Tips for Tops, a tongue-in-cheek instructional video series for my friends at  Cane-iac  – featuring their products, my […]

Spanking Court doles out F/F spanking justice

We take things seriously in Spanking Court.  This young woman shows no remorse when she’s first led into the Sentencing Room. But before long, the Bailiff has her feeling quite remorseful, indeed… We’ll likely see her again, as she just doesn’t seem to be able to behave. And just to prove that we don’t take […]

Thoughts on Age-play

There are many opinions and preferences when it comes to spanking play – or domestic discipline,  or corporal punishment, or however you choose to classify it – and I believe that each of us is entitled to his or her own thoughts on the practice. Some spanking enthusiasts seek out guidance, refinement, or behavior modification, while […]

Memories of London

Readers,Two days’ rest after arriving home from London and playing the remember-when-to-sleep game, I am happy to report that I had a fantastic time – and met some truly memorable people.Saturday turned into Sunday during my flight from McCarren to Heathrow airports, and England sprang-forward an hour while I was in the air, none of […]