Apr 302012

The VBB and The Wonderful Wife’s One Year Anniversary With Ms. Dana Kane.

The elevator doors opened and we hesitantly step into the small and somewhat scary looking elevator. As the elevator slowly made its way to the third floor we left behind the lobby of the building that sat on 32nd Ave in New York City. It stopped at the third floor for what seemed like an eternity before the doors finally opened. I stood behind my wife trying to hide behind her even though I am 6’4 and she is only 5’4. As the doors opened I saw the petite figure of Ms. Dana Kane standing in front of the elevator doors. She greeted us with a huge smile and called us by name. As we exited the elevator she gave my wife a big hug, I stepped back a bit nervously looking around the reception area and the long hall way which was lined with glass cases filled with paddles, whips, canes and other implements. She looked at me and waved me over and said, “Come over here and give me a hug.” That day was intended to be the one and only session I was going to have with her. However, at the end of the session and as I was preparing to leave, Dana said she would love to one day have a session with my wife and I. 
Thus started a relationship with Dana that has progressed from the initial session to one of regular play partner, disciplinarian, confidant, mentor and a great friendship. We are now approaching a year since the first session I had with Ms. Kane. During the time we moved from New Jersey to Texas and was unsure if we would see Dana again. Not long after we arrived in Texas she made her first of many visit to her home state where we were once again reunited. During this past year our relationship has grown. The most significant event of our relationship was when I was told by my wife to contact Ms. Kane and request a punishment session from her to deal with some misbehavior I engaged in soon after arriving in Texas. The session, which was held in Austin, defined a whole new level of our relationship. She told me that day that I was now accountable to her along with my wife. That day she became my disciplinarian, not as a role-play character but as my actual disciplinarian. I am accountable to her on a monthly basis. When necessary she will assign me consequence for my actions and either have me preform the tasks or have my wife carry out some form of corporal punishment. 
Over the past year we have had eight sessions with Dana, two serious punishment sessions and six play sessions to include some individual accountability time between Dana and myself. Along the way we have had a great time as we played. To date she has broken 15 implements on me to include a 1 and a 1/4 inch solid wooden heart shaped paddle. We have engaged in battles of wills, I have sent her a number of bratty emails, which she responded to in writing and with a good spanking from time to time. Both my wife and I have discovered the joys of twitter, which has also gotten me in trouble with her a few times already. We have shot a few videos together, I have written short stories, submitted some journal entries I kept as I awaited a punishment session with Ms. Kane. We have taken a number of pictures during our playtime all of which Dana has graciously allowed to be published on her blog site. Along the way we have made new friends, Erica Scott, Angel, Bobbie Jo, Spanked Cali and the folks at Spanking Court. We exchanged comments with those who have left comments on Dana’s blog and found some wonder spanking blogs as a result of her link.
Dana lovingly refers to my wife as the Wonderful Wife, which truly describes her. She refers to me as The Very Bad Boy or The VBB. Which she claims refers to my occasional naughty behavior and to my brattiness. Although, I think it should be changed to The Very Best Boy, but she shot that suggestion down and told me she is the only one who can change my name. We look forward to another great year with Ms. Dana Kane, this month I am taking both my Wife and Dana to Spanking Court so they can answer for a number of charges I have brought against them. It should be a fun and entertaining series. We are also planning on a very special series of spanking videos later this year, which I believe everyone will find quite enjoyable. So keep an eye out later this year for more details. 
Thank you Ms. Dana for all the spankings, paddlings, whippings and strappings but not so much for the canings. Thank you for the fun playtimes, the serious punishment sessions and for the accountability time. Thank you for mentoring the Wonderful Wife and showing her how to be a true HoH. Thank you for your patience and for putting up with my bratty comments, emails and tweets. It’s all done in fun and always with respect for you and my wife. We look forward to an even greater second year as I find myself Cruisin’ for a Bruisin.

 The VBB and The Wonderful Wife
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Apr 282012


The second installment of ‘Tips for Tops’ finds us discussing Body Language..with a rug beater constructed of Delrin. 
Watch my bottom’s bottom do a little dance, while we learn a bit about spanking safety.

– Dana



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Apr 262012

In the style of my earlier videos, a spanking ‘for the love of spanking’ – this scene is nearly seven minutes of firm, over-the-lap hand spanking. No scolding, very little dialogue, and with a fair amount of giggling and caressing – with a close angle, so that my handprints are visible on his flesh.

Sometimes, I just want to spank him..

To download ‘Closeup OTK’, click the link below:

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Apr 252012

Welcome the first scene from my great day shooting with Miss Pandora Blake, Mike Stryker, and crew on my recent trip to London! There are lots of preview photos – and an extended preview video – available on Pandora’s Dreams of Spanking website.

In this scene, I am running for Senate (!) and Pandora and Mike are my new campaign interns. They’re not doing their jobs properly, so it is necessary for me to take a few minutes from my busy schedule to introduce them to the real requirements of their positions.

In the future, Pandora and Mike will certainly do much, much better. 

(Vote for Dana)

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Apr 242012


What constitutes brutality, within the confines of spanking and/or corporal punishment? Is it subjective?

Conversations with Spankos: Chapter 7

I’ve seen many photos, videos, and written accounts of what could be called ‘Corporal Brutality’…extreme paddling, caning, or whipping scenes where the bottom’s bottom is reduced to smithereens. Usually, these are things which I would consider ‘brutal’. (This is not a discussion of consent, as I believe all spanking and cp-related activities should be based in consent.) I wonder..am I being judgmental? What does it matter whether the play is extra-heavy, if that is what all parties are seeking? Or is there some physical-damage-border that just shouldn’t be crossed? 

Several weeks ago, I received an email from a lovely gentleman who’d located me on the website of my friends at Caneiac.com. Following a nice introduction he explained that he’d not been disciplined in many years, and had never experienced a ‘judicial’ session. He requested that I consider helping him change that by delivering a merciless, bound punishment.

I do not often agree to scenes of this severity, for several reasons – the main one being that I am not stimulated by overt brutality. Other considerations such as health and safety of the bottom notwithstanding, it just isn’t that much fun for me to beat someone’s bottom beyond recognition. Strawberries, bruises, and deep-red cane stripes tickle me to no end, but I’m happier keeping all your blood on the inside of your body.

In this case, however, I acquiesced. There was something to the sincerity of the request..
I often tell my playmates that I can spot a spanko ‘from a mile away’ during email and conversation, and this gentleman managed to so eloquently convey his desires that I found myself happily agreeing to take him beyond anyplace he’d been before.

After securely yet comfortably binding him at four points, and with no warm up, I applied repeated heavy blows with a wicked French Martinet – which immediately broke his pale, thin skin, followed by numerous hard hits with the Naughty Stick. In most other cases, and from the condition of his bottom, I would have stopped there, but he never twitched. Never cried out. Smiled like a champion from ear to ear throughout it all, even the alcohol which I sprayed on intermittently.
So I continued.

I landed a thin, whippy rattan cane over and over and over onto his bottom and upper thighs, raising a hot, angry little welt with each impact, then followed with a much thicker cane for the final round. His bottom and thighs took dozens of hard strokes with this final cane, and were covered in radiating red-black slashes by the time I’d finished. He only screamed once.

It was intense, to say the very least. As rough as his backside looked, he was still simply beaming. I cannot describe properly the energy that was flowing at that point, but we were both immensely pleased with the experience. He has since written to say that this was one of the most amazing things he’s experienced, and I am so very grateful for that. 

Was it brutal? You betcha. 

– Dana

PS. I am always interested in reading your thoughts. Please feel free to comment below.

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