Out for the week…stay tuned!

Readers,I will be hopping on a very large airplane this evening for a nine-plus hour flight to London. I’ll be returning on the last day of the month, and will not likely have much free time for blogging. In the meantime, please enjoy re-reading some of the dozens of original spanking stories, watch a few of […]

F/F Spanking Video: A Red Bottom for My Little Angel

The eighth and final chapter in the series ‘Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother’. Stepmommy just cannot leave poor Little Angel’s bottom alone, so she tiptoes in after Angel has fallen asleep… to give her a long, bizarre hand spanking. There is no telling where this relationship will go next,  but it’s certainly going to […]

‘A Bedtime Story’ : F/M spanking fiction

This lovely story, another entry to the ‘Bedtime Story’  writing contest, is certain to tickle your spanking fancy. Enjoy!    – Dana ***** A Bedtime Story Philip looked up at the station clock above platform 6 of the railway station at Delft, a small town in Holland and waited patiently. How he came to be there was […]

Travel, Travel, Lonely Spanko – one year later.

Readers,Most of you know that I travel quite extensively – back and forth (and back again) across the country, spanking willing and naughty adult boys and girls.This week alone I’ve seen Denver, Colorado, Kansas City, Missouri, Richmond, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina. In every city, I encounter great and wonderful people who have the same […]

New F/M videos: ‘Asking For It’

(POV) Asking For It: I am trying so hard to get some work done on my computer, but you just cannot leave me alone. Throwing paper wads, poking me, and generally being troublesome gets you scolded, and the promise of an immediate spanking. *** ‘Asking For It’ Scolding is never enough, so it’s time to […]

Bedtime Story

The ‘Bedtime Story’  contest generated a lot of creative writing, as in this untitled entry – a story within a story. Enjoy!  –   Dana ***** You ask the boy, “My little one, I know your bottom is burning, but other than that are you comfortable ?”  he nods yes and You start: There was a bright […]

New F/F spanking video: ‘Bathtime, Interrupted’

Chapter Seven in the series ‘Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother’ After cleaning the fireplace, Angel takes a bath as Stepmother ordered.  But there’s no escaping Stepmommy,  as Angel finds out when the bathbrush and bubbles start flying. Enjoy the screenshots!  To purchase the video, click the link below: Bathtime, Interrupted  Visit my premium video, […]

‘Camelot’ : Original F/M Spanking Fiction

Readers,I hope that you’re enjoying all the entries for the ‘Bedtime Story’  writing contest. More thanks to the author of ‘Camelot’, and all the others, for contributing.–  Dana ***** George Peabody was a very important and powerful man. Though only 27, he was CEO (mostly because of birth, not ability) of Peabody Industries, a scratch golfer, and […]

‘Cinder Angel’ : F/F spanking video

Chapter Six in the series ‘Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother’ As extra punishment for tattling, Stepmother makes Angel clean the fireplace with a toothbrush. Sadly for Angel, nothing will make Stepmommy happy now.. Angel receives a hard leather strapping while on her hands and knees. And Stepmommy just keeps getting crazier.. Enjoy the screenshots […]

Alright, already : Boardwalk Badness

Readers,I have a confession to make. In the past, I have been known to say things like:“I don’t really like to attend big parties.”And:“I don’t do much public play.”And the classic:“Crowds make me crazy.”Apparently, all those statements must now be rescinded, because I will be attending the annual Boardwalk Badness Weekend  in Atlantic City, April 27-29.(As regular readers […]

Spanking story : ‘The Bedtime Story’ contest entry

Readers,Here is another excellent story submitted for the ‘Bedtime Story’ contest. ‘The Wish’ is a beautifully-written F/F spanking fairy tale.Enjoy! – Dana ***** ‘The Wish’ The young lady stood at her window brushing her long, reddish brown hair. The stars that night were so very clear and the moon hung in the black velvet sky ever […]

POV video: ‘Scolding the Boyfriend’

Continuing the series ‘Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother’: POV : Scolding the Boyfriend I’ve caught Angel’s boyfriend watching me spank her, and he’s in for a proper scolding. http://www.clips4sale.com/store/50197 Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.

‘Stepmommy Dearest’ : F/F spanking video

‘Stepmommy Dearest’ Chapter Four in the series ‘Little Angel and the Wicked Stepmother’. Ange’s room is a wreck. And what is this? Boy’s underwear?! Stepmother loses her cool and spanks Angel hard with wire hangers. I hope that you enjoy the screenshots, and if you’d like to download the full video, click below: Stepmommy Dearest […]

Bedtime Story contest winner!

The ‘Bedtime Story’ writing contest was a tough one, but (as always) entrants made a lovely show of creativity. This time wasn’t just about writing a story – or even just about writing a Good Story – but also about how well that story would translate into an upcoming film.The winner this month will not […]

Video, Video, Video! (F/M AND F/F)

Readers,As you may have noticed, it’s been a video-kind-of-week here. I’m happy with the progress of the premium videos on my Clips4Sale and Spanking Library stores, and the free Product Testing videos just keep rolling out!With that in mind, I thought I’d do a ‘mash-up’ post of sorts today – sharing another fun Product Testing […]