Spanking PSA: Tears

The ability to reach tears during a discipline session is, for many spankees, an oft-fantasized yet rarely-realized circumstance.   (from   Many of my playmates voice the interest (or longing) to express their emotions through tears during the course of a long, hard spanking. Here are a few things which my experience as a […]

Photos: What’s Black and Blue and Red allover?

This Boy’s Bottom: He’s a toughie, no doubt – and usually even constructs some evil implement to help me along in his discipline. This time, it was a double-sided concave wood paddler which turned out to be absolutely excruciating when applied to the inner thighs.  Add to that almost endless canings, paddlings, strappings, and hand […]

London Calling

A few interesting things have occurred to me in the last day or so regarding my visit to London next month.First: (I understand that there is a converter available. I’m wondering how many I should purchase, considering the number of electronics we all seem to require for maintaining 21st century living.) Then there’s: (This is […]

Photos: Tardiness is Unacceptable

Readers,Here’s a little cautionary tale:Once upon a time, there was a boy who just couldn’t manage to be on time. He was given lots of rope to hang himself, having many opportunities and warnings prior to our last meeting. He assured me that he would, indeed, be there promptly.Alas, the boy was yet again unable […]

Photo: Resolution Contest Winner

This shapely little bottom belongs to none other than the ‘I Broke My New Year’s Resolution’ contest winner. This young lady not only wrote a really excellent story, but took one heck of a spanking as her ‘prize’, as you can  see. My sincerest thanks to her for sharing her story – and for allowing […]

F/M Spanking Story: ‘A Journey to the Mall’

Readers,Sometimes really nice things, like earrings and silver dollars, slip through cracks. In this case, somehow an excellent F/M spanking story slipped through the cracks during the holiday season..and I felt compelled to share it with you now, anyway. I think you’ll agree that spanking is the same in every season.Written by the VBB, the […]

Conversations with Spankos: Chapter Six

Readers, For the last few months, I have been corresponding with a delightful lady who’s exploring her spanking interest after many years of being in the closet, so to speak. Recently she asked my opinion on: Topping from the Bottom.   Naturally, I have one.. I told my new friend that (at least in the […]

New Contest: ‘The Bedtime Story’

Spanking Story Contest for February 2012   ‘The Bedtime Story’   This naughty boy has been spanked hard and sent to bed. After giving him some time to think about what he’s done,  I go in to tuck him in and read him a bedtime story.   That’s where you come in: I want you […]