Premium Video: ‘The POV Lecture Series’

I have received several requests for POV-type videos, featuring lecturing, scolding…and no spankee. Just an angry wife/teacher/doctor, etc. giving ‘you’ a stern talking-to, eye-to-eye, for your own good.‘The POV Lecture Series’ is my answer to those requests. I will be taking on various, traditional ‘fantasy disciplinary roles’ in order to verbally convey just how very […]

Conversations with Spankos: Chapter Five

Readers, A fun subject which I have the great good fortune to discuss fairly regularly of late is the ‘Second-Day Spanking’. Many of the female tops with whom I communicate (the WW comes to mind, naturally) enjoy the great power (and slight sadism) involved in spanking an already sore bottom. We know that even that […]

Gambling Resolution: F/M Spanking Story

Gamblers beware! The ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story contest will catch you, too, as the author of this fun story finds out…– Dana ***** This year I know I can do it, no more gambling! Still I don’t know whats wrong with putting a couple of bucks on a horse or betting on a football […]

Stats on ‘The Other Stuff’ Survey

Here are a few of the results from ‘The Other Stuff’ Survey – with 213 responders thus far:When asked which ‘other’ types of corporal punishment you’re interested in, you responded as follows(number of respondents, followed by percentage of overall responses): Flogging 84 42% Single-tail/Whipping 54 27% Face-Slapping 60 30% Bastinado (google it) 16 8% Punching 10 5% Ballbusting 25 […]

‘Snuffing out a Bad Habit’ F/M spanking fiction – A Must-Read!

Readers,I absolutely love this original entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest. The subject matter is unique, and the author’s tone is personal and engaging. Please enjoy ‘Snuffing out a Bad Habit’.–  Dana ***** Snuffing Out a Bad Habit*A good day’s work, and it’s only 4:30.  Jim’s gonna be thrilled.  He’llowe me […]

Excellent F/M Spanking Story

Here’s a fun entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story contest. My thanks again to the author (and all the rest!) for contributing.– Dana ***** I Broke My New Year’s Resolution I made a resolution to lose some weight.   You see, I am overweight and slightly obese, and I want to correct that.  […]

Resolution Story

Readers,I received so many wonderful original story entries in the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ writing contest that it was even more difficult than ever to decide on only one winner. Another very worthy entry is the untitled story below…yet another reason to stick to your commitments. I know you’ll enjoy it..– Dana ***** After 20 […]

Fun Bloggers and Friends

Readers,Although I sometimes get a little ‘behind’, there are lots of people and places on the web who I try to visit on a regular basis. These are all folks who, in their own corners of the web, are working for a more familiar, cohesive internet spanking community. Some are new friends, and some are famous […]

Original F/M Spanking Fiction: ‘The Predicament’

Another fine entry to the ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest, “The Predicament” is so well-written, you’d think it actually happened exactly this way.  (In reality, he has less than one week left to maintain his weight goal, and I am confident that he will.)   Enjoy!– Dana   “The Predicament” All I could […]

F/M Spanking Story; ‘An Ode to New Year Resolutions’

The ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story writing contest was another opportunity for our UK Laureate to showcase his talent. I think you’ll agree that he’s outdone himself, once again.. Click for More from UK Laureate ***** An Ode to New Year Resolutions By UK Laureate Dear friends, you know of New Year hopes and worthy aspirations – […]

A new Clips4Sale store for Dana Kane

Readers,My oft-postponed Clips4Sale store is now live, and I’m pretty pleased with it thus far. Take a look: Dana Kane (Spanks) Clips4Sale Store You’ll notice many of the videos which have been viewable here on my blogsite, now available for download. I will also begin adding premium videos exclusively to the clips4sale store, with previews and […]

Spanking Great Poetry: ‘Maybe Later’

Readers,Here is a whimsical entry to the  ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest. ‘Maybe Later’ is a fun, rhyming verse, all about procrastination.– Dana ***** Maybe Later I need to get some things done But I would rather go out and have fun Time seems to pass by too fast for me For […]

Fantastic F/M Spanking Story: ‘The B.A.C.O.N. Project’

Readers,Three cheers for this imaginative ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ spanking story contest entry (with some tiny editing for naughtiness). Get ready to laugh, sweat, and learn a valuable lesson..– Dana ***** ‘The B.A.C.O.N. Project’ He stared at the little ad and wondered what it could possibly mean: “Need to lose a few pounds quickly?” it […]

Dana Kane Premium Spanking Video – coming soon!

Readers, I am excited to announce (finally) the upcoming availability of premium Dana Kane spanking video content.  I’ve gone back and forth – and back again – on the many ways in which sale-able video may be distributed, and have decided on what seems to be the simplest beginning option –  the clips4sale studio. While I do […]

Original F/M Spanking Story: ‘New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure’

We are off to an excellent start to 2012, with the fantastic story entries from the  ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ writing contest. This one, titled ‘New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure’ is an educated take on FLDD relationships, and accountability. Enjoy!– Dana ***** New Year’s Resolutions and the Consequences of Failure Our […]