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I absolutely love Angel’s stories…and I know you will, too…

– Dana

New Year’s Resolutions that Need Breaking
Angel hated New Year’s resolutions, which is why she stopped making them when she was a teenager.  It was also why she avoided Dana’s New Year’s resolution contest.  Even though she was prohibited from winning due to the nature of their personal relationship, she generally liked to enter the contests anyway.  She liked to write and Dana (good naturedly) encouraged her ramblings.  However, she shied away from the game on this occasion.  It hit too close to home.  Even though she couldn’t win, it would likely give Dana some food for thought the next time they saw each other.  Sometimes that was good for Angel.  But sometimes Angel did everything she could to steer clear of things that were good for her.
Ironically, despite not making any official resolutions – Angel was doing remarkably well.  She changed her eating habits.  She was exercising.  She had been motivated and productive and even impressed herself with these little changes.  At least that’s what she told Dana whenever Dana was kind enough to check in on her.  It wasn’t a lie.  It wasn’t even an exaggeration, really. 
The only problem was that she was selectively truthful.  She didn’t tell Dana about the things she did occasionally, like almost getting into a car accident because she refused to defer to another driver – preferring to die, or perhaps commit vehicular manslaughter as opposed to submitting to some idiot tailgating her.  She didn’t tell her about some other choice behaviors she’d rather not mention. It’s not that she was silly enough to believe that good behavior automatically negated the bad, but she was playing this game with herself so that she didn’t have to hold herself accountable when she chose to take some time off from her new healthy routine.  Unfortunately, this created guilt feelings and just kept the cycle – well, cyclic.  But how bad could it be? She’d already lost some weight, her skin was glowing, she learned how to quickly and efficiently eradicate her to-do list, her house was immaculate, she was making preparations to return to school, she was reading, writing, working on her art.  Yes, theoretically none of that mattered if she wasn’t going to live to reap the benefits of it because she’d done some self-destructive thing to sabotage her progress and quite possibly her life… but still.
She didn’t tell Dana all of these things, and Dana didn’t push for details when a little something slipped out in an e-mail but Angel had certainly said enough.  She hoped Dana was merely ignoring these little sporadic confessions as opposed to keeping them stored in her head for the appropriate time.  A couple of thousand miles away was not the right location to have such discussions, so Angel didn’t mind accidentally or even purposefully letting something slip out.  Who knew how long it would be before Dana would be back in NY, anyway?  And by that time she’d probably definitely forget all those little things Angel mentioned.  If Dana forgot, it wasn’t really Angel’s fault for not confessing to anyone that she clearly needed help.  Her half hearted attempt for attention had to count for something.  In the meantime, Angel continued her routine of yo-yo’ing between exemplary behavior and behavior that threatened the foundation of her newfound progress.
But by the time Dana came back in town – that meant Angel was only half a mess.  Since she didn’t have that unfortunate mishap of making those dumb new year’s resolutions, she really had nothing to be accountable for.  At least that’s what she thought.  How was she supposed to know Dana really would remember or that she would find out about her top secret resolution?  Had Angel known that perhaps she would have avoided Dana altogether when she unexpectedly came for a visit, but the part of her that was half a mess didn’t have very good anticipatory skills.
Despite the rather obvious, she didn’t even anticipate being spanked.  She didn’t want to be spanked.  She had gone a little numb and rather didn’t care if she ever got spanked again.  Maybe spanking was stupid.  Maybe it was ineffective.  After-all, with all the spankings Angel had received in her life – she should just about be the embodiment of perfection if spankings had any merit at all.  Clearly, this was not the case.
Angel was very happy to see Dana and met her at the space she was renting for a quick hello.  Dana looked lovely as usual and had on one of those outfits that meant she had either just delivered a stern spanking or was about to.  Angel didn’t think much of it.  She felt that familiar twinge of excitement for a moment (or perhaps two) but not enough to make her crave a spanking.  She was pretty sure at this point she was over it and it was officially useless. 
They spoke for a while, and Angel was extremely careful to mention all of her amazing progress but very deliberately made sure there was no mention of anything she might have done to undermine herself.  That didn’t seem like a good idea now that the distance between them was just a few feet.  Dana, polite and sweet as ever, made sure to offer Angel just about all the praise she could muster – and she meant it, but Angel suddenly felt guilty.  Not guilty enough, however, to remind Dana that maybe she should tone it down a few notches; especially if she considered the tally of not-so-great things Angel confessed in a line or two every couple of e-mails over the course of several months.
After some time talking it was time for Angel to leave, even though she only half wanted to go.  Dana asked her what the big hurry was but Angel was pretty evasive, awkwardly so – and couldn’t quite look Dana in the eye to give her an answer.  She started to squirm and hurriedly put her hat and coat on, fumbling with the zipper as Dana studied her nervous behavior, clearly knowing something was not right but not yet able to put her finger on it.
“Angel, what’s the matter, honey?” Dana asked her, concerned.
Angel shook her head.  She had meant to say “nothing,” but the word got caught in her throat, probably because it was a lie.
Dana was too perceptive for Angel’s good and gently pushed Angel’s hand away from the zipper with a half-scolding, “Stop that,” – which was following by a more stern, “and sit down.”
Angel complied without really thinking about it.  Sometimes she followed anything that sounded directional – whether she wanted to or not.  She was tempted to start with the zipper again but became terribly uncomfortable when she realized Dana was still watching her.  Her heart was jumping a little like a teenager about to be caught with something she shouldn’t have.  As much as she loved Dana, she wanted out of this situation.  “Dana, I have to go,” she finally blurted out.
“Well it can wait a minute, Angel,” Dana firmly told her.  “I can’t let you leave until you tell me what you’re doing.  You don’t look right.”
At that fortuitous moment, Angel’s cell phone rang.  She starred at it for a second, hating the fact that she didn’t put it on vibrate, and also that she never changed the dreaded ringtone.  That would have been a good new year’s resolution to make.  Dana looked at Angel, waiting for her to either answer the phone or silence it.  To her surprise, Angel handed Dana the phone, an act that seemed entirely against her will even though it was her own arm that did the deed.  Instinctively Dana answered Angel’s phone and was quite appalled at the stranger she found herself talking to on the other end.  Angel shrunk a little in her seat and tried to block out what Dana was saying, only she heard the last line with remarkable clarity: “No, she is not going to meet you at the bar and if you contact her again you’re gonna get the spanking of your life.”
Angel was pretty convinced that Dana had just killed her with humiliation, but it turned out she was quite alive when Dana knelt before her and snapped her back into reality with her chilling demand, which she only half tried to disguise as a question.  “Do you want to tell me anything, Miss Angel?”
Angel shook her head again.  This was not a lie.   She did not want to tell Dana anything.  She tried to turn her face away from Dana to avoid having to look at her or speak to her at all, but Dana had this terrible habit of NEVER letting Angel do that and either gently guiding her face back into position or firmly directing her with verbal instructions to do it on her own.  Angel had to be physically coerced this time to turn her head around.  But she still kept her gaze down and her mouth shut until Dana gave her a mild but shocking slap on the front of her thigh.  Angel finally confessed that the foul-mouthed boy Dana had been talking to was someone she just met randomly on the way over and decided to hook up with at a bar later despite knowing what an absolutely terrible idea it was and the clearly sexual agenda that this jerk didn’t go to any great lengths to conceal.  But Angel had secretly had made a resolution to do things completely out of character this year to spice up her life and change things up a bit – THAT she did not let slip out to Dana – accidentally, on purpose or accidentally on purpose.  Yes, she knew there were some boundaries that just shouldn’t be crossed.
Dana’s jaw dropped ever so slightly as Angel made her full confession.  Her pretty blue eyes lit up a little with shock and something that might have resembled a hint of anger, except Angel couldn’t be sure because she was pretty convinced Dana never got angry. 
Dana rose from her position and sat on the bondage bed, which was quite naturally higher than the chair Angel was sitting on – it made her instinctively try to rise to avoid the intimidation. Dana quickly squashed that with a gesture that told Angel to remain seated.  “Why would you do something like this, Angel?” Dana asked, seemingly expecting to get an answer slightly less ridiculous than the one she ended up getting in response.
“It’s hard to say,” Angel replied dumbly, realizing immediately how stupid and provocative it sounded but making absolutely no effort to remedy it.  Not even a little.
This didn’t strike Dana too favorably.  Now she stood back up, making her presence very strong.  “No it isn’t hard to say, Angel.  I’m really disappointed you were going to go to a bar with a very foul-mouthed stranger who was definitely going to try to take advantage of you.  And I didn’t forget those little things you told me in an e-mail.  I also know you didn’t want me to forget them.”  Angel had wanted to say something, anything, to stop Dana before this got out of hand but Dana was now on a kind of mini-rant that Angel didn’t dare try to interfere with.  “So you want to be in trouble, Angel?” she continued, raising her voice a notch and apparently not really expecting an answer.  “You don’t need to convince me you need to be punished.  I’m going to spank the daylights out of you!  Do you have any objections?”
Angel had tons of objections but she was too seized with panic and shock to utter anything intelligible.  She couldn’t open her mouth to explain to Dana that she had decided to abandon spanking.
The room was silent for a moment as Dana took Angel’s hand, guided her off of the armless chair and took the seat herself.  Angel was tempted to run because this could only mean one thing, but her feet were firmly planted on the ground. 
“Take your jacket and hat off and come back on over here,” Dana instructed as she positioned herself comfortably in the chair.  Angel listened. After-all – she sometimes just followed things that were directional, like giving a lewd stranger who was hitting on her her personal cell phone number and agreeing to meet him at the bar.
Dana seemed less than pleased, even though Angel had just done exactly as she was told.  She looked up at Angel who looked pitifully back down at her.  “Those puppy dog eyes aren’t gonna work this time, princess,” she informed her.  “This is the last time I am going to ask you.  Do you have any objections?”  Angel was mixed parts frightened, stubborn and confused – which had the unfortunate effect of also making her mute.  She refused to answer Dana.  “Good,” Dana told her, “I’ll take that as a no.  And today must be your lucky day because you know what else I didn’t forget?”  Once again she continued without giving Angel time to respond.  “Your list, Angel.  I didn’t forget your lovely little list of your least favorite ways to be spanked and specifically what makes a spanking punishing to you.”
That was a little horrifying because Angel forgot the list until Dana just mentioned it.  It all came back to her very distinctly as a firm and totally unexpected smack landed squarely across both cheeks.  This made Angel mad, which was really a defense for feeling embarrassed – which in turn led to blatant stupidity as she fought back tears and screamed at Dana that the unexpected smack didn’t hurt.  She went so far as to angrily spit out that Dana couldn’t hurt her with her hand, anyway.
Dana was a little shocked at this, not accustomed to this extremely rebellious and challenging behavior from Angel.  This is not to say she shied away from a challenge, however – especially when the challenge-ee was a fragile little spirit trying to hold her own but going about it in all the wrong ways, in desperate need of guidance and direction.  Dana had to make the split decision on whether or not spanking Angel was the right thing to do in this situation, especially because if she chose to do it – it was not going to be terribly pleasant for either of them.  There was only one way to find out.
“Are you sure you want to talk to me that way, Angel?  Because if you’re sure, it will be a few days before you can sit right again and I assure you I will only use my hand.  You will be perfectly safe but not at all comfortable.”
Angel made some kind of very rude face at Dana, which answered Dana’s question and provoked her into tearing Angel’s pants and underwear down while she still remained standing and planting several extremely hard slaps to her quickly heated, completely exposed, bottom.  Angel bit her lip to fight back tears, utterly mortified and regrettably, in pain.  But she clenched every part of her body as tightly as she could and challenged Dana further with clearly debatable lies.  “It still doesn’t hurt,” she insisted.
“Oh that’s okay, princess,” Dana told her, undeterred.  “We’ll fix that.”  With that, Angel had no idea what happened except that she was staring at the floor, over Dana’s knee with her left hand pinned behind her back.  “I’m pinning your hand down now, honey, to save us both the trouble in a few minutes.  You’re not gonna be able to hold still.”  Dana really believed this and so also wrapped her leg around Angel’s to keep her from thrashing her feet around.  Angel was trying to conceal her panic at being in this position, but her heavy breathing and quivering body betrayed her.  Unfortunately for her, she was too proud to beg.  She had to keep up the façade now.  It was just a hand spanking.  She threatened herself silently to retaliate in some terrible way if she started crying against her will.  She was in mid-threat to herself when Dana took a second to rub her pre-reddened bottom.  This made Angel’s body instantly relax and unwind itself as she went a little limp over Dana’s knee.
“I know you like that, Angel,” Dana told her sternly, “but there’s not gonna be any of that today.  I am really going to punish you.  For the one dumbass resolution you did make that could have ended up with you in a pretty bad situation tonight, and of course for all those little things you had the gall to casually mention in a one-liner, but conveniently decided to leave out during our entire conversation today.”
Angel was caught.  Now she was scared and beginning to realize what she had gotten herself into.  She tested her position, she couldn’t move.  And when she tried a little too hard, she was rewarded with a vicious series of slaps on the lowest portion of the middle of both cheeks, the wonderful “sweet spot.”  That’s really all it took before Angel broke down, a good hard 20 smacks to that one spot and the tears were already pathetically streaming down her face.  After another agonizing 20, she started to beg Dana to stop. 
Much to Angel’s surprise, Dana didn’t.  “It’s just a hand spanking, Angel,” she reassured her in between incredibly hard slaps. “Maybe you think this is a joke, but you’re not going to be laughing for the next couple of days.”  Dana kept spanking her, hard and fast – without any warm-up or slow-down.  It hurt so terribly a paddle might have been more merciful.  Angel was very much regretting her insolent attitude and poor decisions as she squirmed to no avail to try to escape being punished.  Angel really didn’t understand why Dana kept spanking her.  She was already well into crying.  Yes, sometimes the tears were a blatant manipulation attempt to force an early end to a spanking she particularly didn’t feel like taking or sometimes they came from a place of anger before submission – but this time they were real instantly, and Angel was convinced this should have ended her punishment.  Except, it didn’t.  Dana spanked her with relentless passion, at the expense of her very own hand!
Within a few minutes, Angel was crying so hard she couldn’t see and was pretty sure she’d made a puddle on the floor with her own tears.  Her bottom was throbbing, and stinging and experiencing all sorts of pain combinations she didn’t think possible from a single hand-spanking.  She was imploring Dana with a mingled mess of apologies and promises that came in the form of broken sobs and partial screams.  But it was only when Angel stopped crying that Dana stopped spanking.  Angel was in so much pain, however, it must have been a full minute before she even realized she was not being spanked anymore, or that her limbs were free.  Dana rubbed her back a little and instructed her to breathe to prevent her from hyperventilating.  She let Angel up shortly thereafter. Angel found it difficult to rise, so she slid onto the floor instead and landed her head in Dana’s lap, whimpering softly while Dana stroked her hair. 
Angel apologized profusely without ever removing her head from Dana’s lap, but Dana was seemingly unconvinced one spanking was enough to remedy what was really going on here. “Angel,” she warned, sounding serious but not mean and not without continuing to comfort her – “If you make me take you back to Vegas with me, there’s gonna be a whole lot of talking and a WHOLE lot of spanking goin’ on.  But I have a feeling you might benefit from a little extended behavior modification.”  Angel started to cry again until Dana shushed her.  She had no idea if the tears were from fear, relief, gratitude, frustration – or some weird combination of all of them, perhaps more. The one thing she did know is that maybe she needed to be spanked, after-all.  And also, that she was going back to not making ANY New Year’s Resolutions and breaking this one: effective immediately.
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Jan 312012

‘Anthony’ wrote another excellent story for his entry to the  ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ writing contest. ‘You Count to Us’ is worth a read!

– Dana


You Count to Us


Shaking his head, he pushed open the glass door and entered the office.

It was a generic space located in a generic strip mall in a bland region of a city that collected and trapped deeds like desert lint on the arms of a saguaro. A cowbell attached the door clanged his entrance into what appeared an otherwise empty room.

Left to his own, he would have found the closest H&R Block out of the many freckling Las Vegas. (He never could understand how tax preparation thrived in a state without a personal income tax). But apparently his wife thought outside the box, or outside the Block as it were. She had insisted he drive the extra half hour to investigate this new place.

The name of the shop was “You Count to Us”. That seemed a bit frivolous for someone he might entrust with income and other personal financial information.

The inner office had two doors leading from the lobby: “Office” and “Preparation”. Preparation? As he stood there, a woman glided from the office. She was youngish with dark hair. Possibly in her late twenties.

To his credit, the extra drive hadn’t dampened his humor. “Honey, is the man of the house…I mean is your boss around?”

She wore a name tag. He stared around a bit in that general vicinity then focused in on the tag: “Dana”

“Are you done staring at my chest?”

He hadn’t expected that. She had spoken so calmly. It was a pleasant voice, but also firm. And she was looking directly at him. Were her eyes blue? He really couldn’t tell. Well, she seemed like a bulldog anyway. He wondered what the owner was like. 

“Your service came highly recommended,” he said. I’m trying to understand the appeal. Is your supervisor around?”

“You’re late,” she said in the same strong, calm voice. “Your appointment was for 2:00pm. That would be twenty minutes ago.”  

“I suppose I should ask why,” she said, “although I rarely find a justifiable reason. And don’t even breathe ‘traffic’ to me. You’re an adult.”

That was enough for him. Who was this woman to talk this way to him? She was young enough to be his child. And what sort of life experience could even justify such an attitude? He turned around to leave the office.

Just as he reached the door, she said softly “You know, I own this establishment. I own others as well. Your wife specifically mentioned punctuality on a rather long list of ‘issues’ that need to be addressed. Get back here.”

What? His wife had mentioned? That made it sound like Della and she had talked. And why would details about him ever arise in that type of conversation?

“Something you don’t realize yet. We don’t do taxes here.” She watched his face and smiled thinly. “I *am* an accountant of sorts. But that’s really only a portion of my work.”

“You understand that if, say, you were caught lying to the IRS, there’d be repercussions. Penalties. If you mismanaged a significant budget or failed to disclose crucial information, or even treated important individuals in a neglectful, flippant, disrespectful manner, you’d expect some sort of consequences. The same should apply in personal situations as well, don’t you think, Thomas?”

“How do you know my name?”

“Oh, your wife and I had a *long* discussion. It focused on how we might provide some correction and direction in your life. With the emphasis on correction.”

He didn’t much like the way the conversation was turning with this woman, this Dana. But she seemed to know or sense a lot about him. Thanks Della, he thought. And correction? Correction?

“I want to show you something Thomas. Then I have a choice for you.”

She sat down in an oddly old fashioned straight-backed wooden chair at a nearby desk, opened the desk drawer and extracted a sheet of ruled notebook paper with writing on it. It looked vaguely familiar.

“Do you know what this is?”

He looked closer and his cheeks flushed.

“I see you recognize it. Last year’s resolutions, correct?”

He tried to form a cheeky response, appropriate words.

“Answer me, young man.”

“Yes, yes, that’s what it is.”

“Read the first item on your list for me.”

“It was just a joke,” he protested. “Della has a good a sense of humor.”

“Read it for me.”

He looked closer and then mumbled “Play more poker.”

“Louder please”

“I said play more poker”

“So your resolution, that you kindly shared with your wife, was to spend more time away from her, playing cards, gambling, smoking cigars?”

“Look, Dana, here’s the deal. Della thought it was funny. It was just a resolution. And everyone breaks those anyway, right?”

Dana laughed heartily at that, looking up at him as he stood there. “The second item on the list, please.” She raised her eyebrows.

“It was just another joke..wear clean underwear in case of automobile accident. You know, that’s what they always say, right?

“And how well have you followed-up on that one?”

“I think I’m doing just fine. I mean, I’m pretty sure Della might agree with me. She washes all my clothes and has never complained.”

“What’s your waist?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Waist. Your waist size.” 

“Nevermind,” she said, opening a filing cabinet and pulled out a pair of new boxer briefs. They were new, still in the plastic packaging. “These should work.”

She turned back to him. “Thomas, you have two choices.” 

“Your first choice is to turn around and walk right back out that office door. There’s an H&R just down the road. And later you can laugh about this experience with your buddies after you win the pot on a pair of eights or something.”

“The other option,” she continued, “is you’ll grab that *clean* underwear and walk your sweet bottom over to that second door where you’ll also happen to find a shower. You’ll wash yourself thoroughly, put on the briefs and only the briefs, and report back to me here.”

“If you take the second option, we’ll start your spanking shortly. I can see it’s something that’s been sorely missed.” She laughed, adding “I’ll keep it sore, but I promise I won’t miss, Thomas. So, which is it?”

“Spanking? Surely you didn’t say spanking?”

Every neuron is his head was shrieking, pleading with him to spin on his heels and walk out in the most dignified masculine gait he could muster, without a look back.

But another strange thing was happening. Standing there, looking down at Dana and feeling so oddly diminutive (how could this be?), he felt the nerves in his bottom tingling. Completely involuntary. He was afraid of what would happen if he stayed. How would he behave if she followed through on her promise? Could he maintain composure and allow a complete stranger, this woman to have that control over him? 

He fidgeted. She just looked up at him, waiting. Finally, he sighed and lifted his palms in the air.

She pointed to the Preparation room. “Go get cleaned up. You have five minutes. Use soap. Watch the clock. If I have to come retrieve you, we’ll start with the paddle.”

He looked down, avoiding her eyes, and headed toward the door.

“One other thing,” she said as he shuffled away, “Since I’m feeling such closeness to your wife, almost like family, I want you to start addressing me as Aunt Dana from here on. I like the ring of that. Get going!”

When he returned, she checked her watch and nodded approvingly. He felt childish standing in front of her, naked save for the briefs.

Normally a situation like that would have sexual overtones, but instead he felt like a nervous child. He was keenly aware of his love handles, from many fine dinners and excellent wine, aware of the occasional gray hair curling on his chest. And unlike a sexual encounter, it seemed to be having an opposite effect on his vitality than normal, the excitement instead flaring in strong currents through his bottom, in his facial cheeks. 

The strip mall had seemed fairly empty, but there was nothing preventing a passerby from seeing hime exposed this way.

“Oh don’t be shy,” she said. “I’ve given many, many spankings. You won’t care about modesty or other minor issues for long.”

She smiled at him. “Della felt you wanted this, but were too afraid to ask her. Thomas, do you know what I’m going to do to you now?”

He swallowed, then nodded.

“Tell it to your Aunt out loud, young man.”

“You’re, you’re going to…to spank me.”

“Yes, that’s correct.” She held out her hand and gently guided him over her lap as she sat in the wooded chair. His arms supported much of his weight and his bottom was positioned high.

“Aunt Dana is going to give you a sound spanking on your bare bottom. You’ve been a very naughty nephew.” 

Before he could second-guess the situation, she was spanking him rapidly over the briefs with her palm. Over and over her hand connected with his bottom. The immediate heat and pain caused him to gasp and squirm.

“Stop wiggling,” she said.

“Oh f*&#^$” he moaned.

“I said stop wiggling. We’re just getting started, nephew. By the way, I see you’d promised to stop swearing last year. It seems that didn’t take either.”

After a considerable time, he felt her palm stop spanking him and he took several deep, nervous breaths, trying not to focus on the glow in his posterior. Perhaps they were done – that wouldn’t be so bad. More embarrassing than painful.

“Thomas, you’ve been so long without correction,” she said. He felt her fingers under the elastic in his waistband, sliding the thin cotton slowing over his tender globes. He felt her hand resting on his soreness, lightly stroking both bottom cheeks in turn.

The hand left, uh oh, then splat! She was spanking him hard on his bare, unprotected bottom and that stung like the devil. He wanted to swear at her, to hate her for inflicting this pain on him, but something else was feeling right. It was feeling well deserved. And for several moments he imagined it was Della, not Dana, spanking him, punishing him for his misdeeds.

“Oh, Della, I mean Aunt Dana, please stop spanking my bare bottom. Oh, that hurts so much. Please stop.”

Her hand kept coming with its relentless heat and impact, again and again as he squirmed. “Hold still, Thomas.”

She said, “Della and I decided that today you’d be spanked for the broken resolutions, but we’ve both decided you’ll be visiting your Aunt much more this coming year.” 

“For that correction you sorely…” She spanked him hard, in rapid succession on the same spot, “and I’ mean *sorely* need,”.

Dana laughed with just the slightest twinge of sympathy for his condition and continued without a hitch.
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Jan 292012

I have received several requests for POV-type videos, featuring lecturing, scolding…and no spankee. Just an angry wife/teacher/doctor, etc. giving ‘you’ a stern talking-to, eye-to-eye, for your own good.

‘The POV Lecture Series’ is my answer to those requests. I will be taking on various, traditional ‘fantasy disciplinary roles’ in order to verbally convey just how very displeased I am with your behavior.
These will be solo dialogue videos (no spanking), shot in POV style.

The first installment of ‘The POV Lecture Series’ is:

–  Doctor/Patient  –

You’re back for your thirty day checkup, and things are NOT looking good. It’s obvious that you are completely ignoring the fitness regimen set forth at your last appointment.

I have no choice but to begin a new treatment program – including regular spankings, ‘old fashioned’ temperature-taking…

..and even harsher measures, if you refuse to comply.

Enjoy the screengrabs, and click the link below to order ‘The POV Lecture Series: Doctor/Patient’ :

As always, I’m interested in your comments, questions, and suggestions. Feel free to email me.    – Dana

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Jan 282012


A fun subject which I have the great good fortune to discuss fairly regularly of late is the ‘Second-Day Spanking’. Many of the female tops with whom I communicate (the WW comes to mind, naturally) enjoy the great power (and slight sadism) involved in spanking an already sore bottom. We know that even that even the thought of being spanked on a sore and swollen bottom is terrifying…and that’s the point, isn’t it?   – I should interject here that it is a certainty that male tops enjoy spanking a sore bottom just as much as we ladies do.

Many spankos fantasize of near-endless spankings – spankings which go on for hours, or drag on all throughout the day and night – spankings which, frankly, most will never really be able to endure. (That’s why it’s such a great fantasy.)

A single spanking can only last so long, even with the most practiced top and bottom, as exhaustion will certainly eventually set in. Marathon spankings of two to three hours or more are for the most brave and formidable of players.

I much prefer the Second Day Spanking. Rather than trying to wear your hide down to the bone over the course of several hours, I enjoy the idea of allowing you to spend the evening sitting uncomfortably, knowing that morning holds the promise of more. You’ll have plenty of time to think about the swats of the previous night, along with the fear of many, many more to come, as you make your slow walk toward my lap. When I lower your underpants to reveal a still-pink bottom, I cannot contain my glee. I know that this is going to sting, like hellfire, from the very first smack.

If you have an experience or opinion on Second Day Spankings, please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

–  Dana

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Jan 282012

The ‘I Broke my New Year’s Resolution’ story writing contest turned up more than a few boys who’ve been off their diets. Here’s another sneaky snacker taught a lesson, in ‘Dana Kane’s Weight Loss Program’. Enjoy!

– Dana


Dana Kane’s Weight Loss Program

December 31, 2011, I begin my daily routine before my morning shower as I do most mornings during the year by stepping on the bathroom scale. 250 lbs.  Another year, and another broken New Year’s resolution.  I started the year at 245, determined to get to 210 by the end of the year.  I started out OK, but then slipped into my old tired routine.  Too much pasta, deserts and adult beverages makes weight loss impossible.  Broke even until the holidays hit and made too much merry and packed on another five pounds.   Oh well, just add another 5 pounds and make my goal for 2012, 40 pounds.  Symbolic since I will be celebrating my 40th Birthday this coming year.
New Year’s Day, and surfing the web for a sure fire weight loss program.  I’ve tried most of the nationally advertised programs to no avail, so this year I’ve got to find something unique that will work for me.  Then I saw it, individualized weight loss program led by personal councilor Dana Kane.  The advertisement looks to be just what I’m looking for, a personalized program based on my individual needs based on trust and honesty.  100% of those accepted to the program lose weight and 90% meet their weight loss goal for the year.  There is a seminar this coming Saturday, January 8 in my home town Las Vegas to further explain the program.   
Ms. Kane greets us as we enter the free seminar.  I’m struck by her beauty, charm and her overall athletic build.  “Well at least she practices what she teaches”, I thought, “what a knockout.”  The seminar begins and Ms. Kane introduces her program.  She gives tips on what foods to eat and what to stay away from.  She preached a philosophy of moderation, “you have to eat smaller meals that include healthy foods and moderate exercise.  It is OK to have an occasional drink but four beer nights with greasy appetizers at the neighborhood Sports Bar are out.”  Ms. Kane explains that 90% of those that make a resolution of weight loss do not fulfill their goal.  This is because they lack two basic aspects to making a successful life change; honesty and discipline.  That is why her program although somewhat pricey succeeds, “it introduces these two essential ingredients.”  
“Well in certainly works for Ms. Kane”, I thought, “where do I sign up.”  Ms. Kane then handed out applications and explained the next step.  “After I review your applications, those that make the first cut will be called for a personal consult.  Although I would like to accept everyone, I only have so much time and can only accept those that I’m confident will comply with my program.”  I quickly filled out the application and handed it to Ms. Kane.  “Please Ms. Kane, I hope that your accept me, I’ve tried everything and I think you may be my last hope.”  She sweetly smiled and said, “We’ll see, but you should also be careful about what you wish for, it is not easy.”
“Thank you for your consideration”, I answered and left the seminar.
I was on pins and needles the next three days and was beginning to lose hope.  But on Wednesday, I received a call from Ms. Kane.  “Well Craig, you made the first cut.  Your appointed time will be 10:00 AM on Saturday morning.  Don’t be late.  The next step is to completely explain all aspects of my program, you are under no obligation, after which you can decide whether you want to join my program and I can decide whether you will be accepted.” 
On Saturday morning I was greeted with a smile and warm “good morning Craig” at Ms. Kane’s private home at 10:00 AM sharp.  “Let’s sit down and I can explain the program in more detail.  Ms. Kane proceeded to explain the various aspects of the program; a reasonably strict diet modeled to my individual weight loss needs, an exercise program that also addresses my problem areas that Ms. Kane will determine after an examination, weight loss goals for each week of the program and the keeping of a log listing the times and items comprising meals, snacks eaten and exercise activities.  Although these comprise most programs, Ms. Kane explained, her program is much more successful because she includes both discipline and honesty.  “I insist that you are completely honest with yourself and me.  I also will administer spankings when goals are not met or you do not comply with the program.”
I couldn’t believe my ears, “did you say spannnnkinggs” I stammered.  
“Yes”, Ms. Kane answered matter of factly, “I find that this method is most effective in keeping you on track.  After a few trips across my knee, everyone seems a lot more motivated.  Have you ever been spanked?” 
“Yes, but only as a child,” I answered.
“Did it work in modifying your behavior?” Ms. Kane asked. 
“Well yes”, then I started my way down a slippery slope of lies when I added, “but I hated it, and never thought of being spanked as an adult.”  This was blatantly untrue.  I had fanaticized for years about being taken across the knees of a strict beautiful woman.  At that moment I thought that I must have won the lottery, here before me was the disciplinarian of my dreams discussing my deepest secret desire.  But at that moment I fell back into the pattern of my life, I thought “what would she think if I told her my desire.  I want her to believe I’m a macho man in my prime.”  I also thought if she knew that I wanted something that she used as a penalty for not following the program, I would never be admitted.  
“That is true of many that are in my program, but it works, if you don’t want to continue I completely understand,” Ms. Kane answered.
“Well I really need to lose weight, so I’m in, besides if it works you won’t be spanking me.”
“That is true, except for the first day.  Today, if you have decided to continue you will receive your first spanking.  It won’t be as hard a spanking as you will receive if you do not meet my programs goals, but hard enough for you to understand what you are getting yourself into and for me to determine if you can continue in the program.  So now take off all of your clothes for your first weigh in and spanking.”  Ms. Kane stated.  
I slowly got up and began taking off all of my clothing as requested.  I stepped on the scale, 250, the same as I was at the end of 2011.  Ms. Kane began her examination, she looked over every inch of my body, pinched and felt my various problem areas and then gave her assessment.  “You don’t have any particular problem area, it is a whole body problem.  So with some moderate exercise, walking, sit-ups, exercise bike, stair-master and diet you should be in pretty good shape in about six months.  Your goal will be to lose 40 pounds in 26 weeks, 2 pounds a week for 14 weeks and 1 lb a week the last 12 weeks.  So next week your goal will be 248 lbs.  Now it is time for your first spanking, come lay across my knees.”
I quickly obliged, and settled in quite nicely.  “I normally start with a warm up, and since your goal is 40 pounds and your age is 40, I would say 40 is your magic number” Ms. Kane stated.  She then started spanking with her hand.  It hurt much more than I anticipated from a woman of Ms. Kane’s size.  By 40 my backside was stinging.  She then put on the Leather Spanking Buddy.  Before she began again she stated, “I don’t know what hurts worse your bottom or my hand.  We will take care of that for now on, with this spanking buddy”.  She then slowly spanked my bottom with the spanking buddy, alternating between cheeks.  I was in heaven but did not dare let on, so I started squirming and moaning lightly.  “Be still we have hardly started”, as she tightened her grip.  “Now that we are done with your warm up, we will really get down to business.”  With that she picked up and showed me the 18” long wooden paddle she was about to use.  At 20 strokes I was moaning for real and squirming harder.  “I said be still, this may be it for you if you don’t behave.”  I quickly complied as she administered the last 20 strokes.  She put down the paddle and stated, “now go stand in the corner and think about your past behavior that got you into the shape you are in and whether you want to continue.  There will be no touching and if you dare take your nose out of the corner you will be dismissed.”
She then left the room for what felt like an hour but probably was only for about 15 minutes.  She returned to see me dutifully in the corner, hands at my sides and nose against the wall.  “Do you want to continue she stated.”  “Yes Ms. Kane”, I answered.  “Then bend over this chair put your hands on the chair and get your last strokes with my strap.  Keep your hands on the chair, or we will have to begin the 40 count from the start.”  She then administered 40 hard blows with the strap.  I was crying by the end but managed to take the strokes in the required position and only moved from foot to foot.  “OK, all done she stated, now get on your clothes and we can talk some more.”
I slowly put on my clothes, thinking I don’t ever want to go through that again, but in a few minutes I was secretly desiring even more.  I sat down with Ms. Kane and we had a heart to heart talk.  I was honest with my problems with my weight throughout the years, my binge eating and other issues; laziness, sloppiness.  She listened intently and at the end stated, “well you look sincere so I’m willing to accept you, do you want to continue.”
“Yes Ms. Kane, and your introduction will be a reminder of what will happen if I don’t stay true to your program.  I’ll do anything to keep from having a repeat performance,” I lied.  What I was thinking was, “I can’t wait to be turned over your luscious thighs again!”
So the next week, I did everything wrong, overate, ate lots of pasta and carbs, drank beer every night and did no exercise.  I compounded my deception by putting together a fake log, documenting exercise I did not do and a diet I did not follow.  I was resolved to get my first punishment spanking of my fantasies.  
I was a little nervous when I went to Ms. Kane’s house the next Saturday, but excited in my anticipation for the spanking of my life.  We began with some discussion about the previous week.  “It was tough on me all week, but I followed your program to the letter last week,” I confidently stated.  “Let’s see the results, strip off all of your clothes and step on the scale” Ms. Kane said.  I quickly did as I was told, and stepped on the scale, 253.  I feigned surprise, “there must be something wrong with your scale, I followed the program to the letter.”
“To the letter, who do you think you’re dealing with, I can tell just by looking at you, everything you told me today was a lie, now get over my knee.”  I quickly complied, my plan was unfolding just as anticipated.  “There’s no warm up for liars”, Ms. Kane sternly stated, and started spanking me with her 16 inch paddle.  My bottom was completely unprepared for this attack, I started counting to myself and when 41 strokes were I applied, I figured out I was in big trouble.  I cried out “I’m sorry Ms. Kane, it must be my metabolism, maybe my body just doesn’t react normally.  Ms. Kane stopped for a few seconds, “I thought it was my scale, you liar, do you have a third theory,” and then quickened her pace and ferocity.  At about the 80th stroke, I started to cry, “I’m sorry Ms. Kane, I don’t know what happened,” I wailed.  This was ignored, and was just met with further strokes, by about 150 she stopped.
“Are you ready yet to tell me the truth,” she said.  “You’re right Ms. Kane, I did have a few beers and did not exercise as much as I stated, but I tried my best.”  She did not answer, but placed the strap in front of my nose, before resuming my spanking.  Again, I was totally unprepared for what followed, but I was resolved to keep my secret, how could I admit to what I’d done now, “it was my story and I was sticking to it.”  After about 40 strokes, I was again crying and begging for mercy, by about 100 I was a complete mess and shaking uncontrollably.  At around 120 she stopped, and I just cried over her lap.  My cries became less pronounced when she said, “get up and get into the corner, think long and hard about your behavior the last week and what you told me today.  After you have some time to reflect, I’m going to complete your punishment and then you will be dismissed from my program.  I have many sincere people that can take your spot.”
I did as I was told, and went into the corner still determined to keep my secret.  “Well at least I know what a real spanking is like”, I thought. 
About 15 minutes later, I heard Ms. Kane enter the room, “Let’s get this over with, I don’t have any more time to waste on you, bend over the chair, and hold the seat tightly with your hands, this won’t be anything you have experienced before.”  She then held the cane in front of my face, “look at me,” as I did she said, “I’m going to give your 40 strokes as a going away remembrance as to what happens to liars in my program.  You will count each one and if you put your hands away from the chair, we will start over.”
She went behind me, and I heard a swish in the air, it landed and I jumped up as it pierced my flesh.  “What did I say, now hold on and I will start again.” One, I held on tightly, the strokes came steadily about five seconds across, by 20 I was wailing and crying how sorry I was, by 30, I completely broke down.  “You were right Ms. Kane, I lied to you, it has been all lies from the beginning, I just could not admit that I wanted you to spank me, please let me stay in the program, I’ll never lie to you again.”  Ms. Kane stopped and walked in front of me, “keep your hands on the chair but look at me,” she said.  Then stared into my eyes, “do you think for one minute that I did not know what you were up to.  I just had to play out your little ruse to teach you a lesson about honesty.  You’ve taken your first step.  Now let’s take your last 10 strokes and see where we go from here.”
She walked behind me, the last 10 were with the same force as the previous 30 and again I was left as a blubbery mess.  “You can get up now”, she said, as I did she sat down and said, “now back over my knee.”  I couldn’t believe I was going to get spanked more but complied.  To my relief all she did was gently rub my bottom as I continued to cry and said in a soothing voice.  “It’s OK, were all done for now, just relax and we will talk later.  After about five minutes, she said, “time to get up and get dressed.”
I slowly picked myself off of Ms. Kane’s lap and got dressed.  I looked up and saw her on the couch, she patted the cushion for me to sit down.  I sat down next to her and immediately put my head on her shoulder and began to weep.  “I’m so sooorrrrry about everything, I’ve been lying my whole life, I didn’t want you to think of me as less than a man,” I stammered.  
“You are so silly, of course I don’t think less of you, I have many friends that are just like you, many that I spank on a recurring basis.  Your shame is that you have been lying all these years to the women in your life, to me, but most of all to yourself.  But today I think that you have turned a corner, and you can now move forward in your life.” Ms. Kane replied.
“Thank you Ms. Kane, can I please stay in the program?”, I asked.
Ms. Kane answered “that depends on the following conditions.  First there is no more lying, one more lie and you’re out.  Second, this spanking today was the penalty for not making your weight loss goals as part of the program.  You will have to be back here on Wednesday at 7:00 PM for a punishment spanking for lying.  Third, you will have to catch up with your weight loss targets starting next Saturday, you will still be given motivational spankings like the one today for not complying with the program, and fourth and finally, for you I will introduce reward spankings that will be relatively mild spankings each Saturday that you meet your goals.  If you agree to those you may continue.”
“Thank you Ms. Kane for giving me another chance, I’ll see you on Wednesday,” I answered.  With that Ms. Kane stood and I stood.  She hugged me and I left for the day.
My entire mind set changed from that day forward.  I feared punishment spankings and worked my hardest to avoid them.  I met with Ms. Kane on the appointed Wednesday evening.  It was a business like meeting.  I had misbehaved by lying and I was to be punished for it by receiving a hard and thorough spanking.  I took off my clothing, placed OTK given a warm-up, 40 with the hand and 40 with the “buddy”, 40 with the paddle and 40 with the strap and into the corner.  A new wrinkle was introduced, after about 5 minutes, Ms. Kane came over and asked me to open my mouth.  She then placed a bar of soap in it for a full minute, to “wash the lies from my mouth for good”.  It tasted awful but emphasized why I was being punished and gave me another memory for any other time I was tempted to repeat this offense.  Finally I was taken out of the corner, bent of the chair and given 40 with the cane.  Although not as severe as the spanking four days before, it hurt more due to the tenderness of my bottom.  Of course I cried my eyes out, but afterwards given a hug and forgiveness from Ms. Kane.  I felt reborn after that evening.
The first week, I worked what little I had left of my bottom and met the goal for the week.  The reward spanking I was given was 40 with the hand and 40 with the “buddy” after which I was glowing.  I met the goals for every week except for one, where I overate and didn’t exercise.  I was punished but did not compound my offense by lying on my log.  It was clear to both me and Ms. Kane why I did not meet my goal that week. 
After 6 months with the program I met my goal of losing 40 lbs.  I continue to see Ms. Kane once a month for maintenance.  If I go over my weight of 220, I am punished.  We have also began working on my other misbehaviors, being lazy and sloppy.  The same behavior modification program used for my weight has worked wonders for my other personal flaws.  I’m a much better person because of Ms. Kane’s unique program.  But the most important improvement is that I no longer lie, and know what is in store for me if I do.
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