Dec 302011


I haven’t previously written reviews or suggestions of premium video-based spanking sites – and not because there isn’t a wealth of excellent content out there. It seems to me that those of us who are interested in purchasing spanking video content probably know full-well where and how to do so, so there’s never really seemed like much need for my two cents.

For the last couple of  months, though, I’ve followed the ongoing construction of Pandora Blake’s Dreams of Spanking website through  her Twitter feeds (@PandoraBlake and @DreamsOfSpanking ), and have been anticipating it’s going live. I’m sure that I was among many who were happy to see the unveiling recently.

As expected, there is a lot to like about Miss Blake’s vision, and the first word which comes to mind is ‘classy’. It’s a classy website. The text introductions are intelligent, succinct, and written by someone who’s obviously passionate about corporal punishment. 

High-resolution images and beautifully-written scene synopses (along with a very attractive cast of players) make an excellent first impression, and costumes, scene settings, and high-definition technology guarantee great video. 
But the most interesting part of Dreams of Spanking?

The FAQ.

This is where the true brilliance shows, in my opinion. We get some insight into the seriously impressive work which has gone into building the site itself, including a genius little bit of code which allows the site to operate without a restricted members’ area. 
We also find out that Miss Blake’s website includes all sub-genres (including M/M spankings) within one site, which I’d like to stand up and applaud. We’re too small a group, us spankos, to go around breaking ourselves up into even smaller groups, in my ever-so-humble opinion. And you know my motto: This is about your backside, not your front side. 

Naturally, Dreams of Spanking is still a work in progress. The site builders promise a “more sophisticated” search engine function, but the current one seems dandy to me. There is already a nice selection of content available, and they’ll be regularly updating video, photo sets, audio files, and who-knows-what-else.

Lastly, Pandora Blake seems like a nice girl. Genuinely, wholeheartedly nice. 

And who doesn’t like to see nice girls spanked, hmm…?

– Dana

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Dec 282011


I fell in love with the Flapjack Paddle from Kitty’s Exotic Paddles the first time I visited her site, months ago.  I am now pleased to report that it is fully effective in disciplinary application both at home and on the road, so to speak. 
The paddle handles like a dream and delivers a deep, penetrating thud, along with some impressive post-paddling strawberries on the tush.
Did I mention that it is absolutely beautiful, too? Kitty – as the name implies – uses exotic woods. This one is constructed of Leopardwood and Machiche, and I am tickled to include it in my arsenal.
– Dana
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Dec 272011

Indeed, I do.  March 26-31.

I am eagerly anticipating my first trip to the U.K. 

London holds many fascinations for me – the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London eye (dare I?), dozens of glorious museums, and quite literally tons of fish and chips. I fully intend to immerse myself in tourism…minus the coordinated separates and fanny pack, thankyouverymuch…for approximately a day-and-a-half.

Past that, it’s all about the spankings. (I cannot wait to get my hands on you misbehaving British boys, with your seemingly-innate appreciation for all things corporal.) Yes, I admit that dreams of tightly-laced governess shoes dance in my head when I imagine my time in London.. 

I will pack many, many canes.

And paddles. And hairbrushes. And straps. And other evil little injustices, with which to ‘leave my mark’ on London, as it were.

Since this will be my maiden voyage, I am going to be grateful for any advice you Londoners (or travelers) may provide concerning domestic play locations, decent and affordable lodging, and navigation of the city. If you know of a particularly lovely lady with a nice playspace, please refer her to me. 
Likewise tips on great food and little-known sights.

– Dana

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Dec 262011


NOTE that the request for fantasy scenarios in the below survey is F/F (that’s FEMALE/FEMALE, gentlemen). Please refrain from any further referencing of your genitals – or anyone else’s, for that matter – and please, for godssakes, behave yourselves.

– Dana


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Dec 222011


I am happy to share this new Product Testing video with you, and to thank Cane-iac for once again manufacturing a product that is both functional and intense. I have put my OTK Rug Beater through it’s paces on several occasions and have not managed to break it yet – impressive.

Recently my friends at Cane-iac made me an offer I couldn’t refuse..a chance to work with an established, well-respected business within the kink community. I’ll be producing some promotional videos for their products (which I wholeheartedly endorse) and am excited at the prospect of having even more reason to make spanking videos.

Take a look around their website at You may even find a different version of ‘The Good Boy OTK’ video there…

As always, I hope that you enjoy watching as much as I enjoy spanking.
– Dana
P.S. Keep your eye on the mirror..


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