‘Stuart’s Surprise Birthday Spanking’: F/M Spanking Stories

‘Stuart’s Surprise Birthday Spanking’ is detailed, interesting, and – best of all – a great F/M entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest. Enjoy! – Dana ***** STUART’S SURPRISE BIRTHDAY SPANKINGStuart and Jenna had met at a fall sorority social at a northwestern state university in the 1960’s.   Their romance moved along to the extent that they […]

Spanking PSA: Professional Etiquette

Readers, While the content of this PSA may not pertain to all of you, I believe that it will serve as an excellent learning tool for some. There are some things which I consider understood and unspoken that, sadly, do not naturally occur to everyone. While I am not in the advice-giving business, nor do […]

Photo: The VBB…three weeks later

It seems as though the VBB’s indestructible bottom was finally given a run for it’s money. This photo, sent along by him and his Wonderful Wife, shows remnants of cane tip strikes, and a few dark abrasions…three weeks after our last meeting. (I also detect some much more recent reddening, no doubt the result of […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘My Birthday Spanking’ entry

This entry from another great friend and fellow spanking enthusiast (a non-contestant in the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ contest   due to our friendship) is well-penned and really quite funny.  Thanks again to my wonderful buddies who take the time and imagination to enter their works – you’re the best.Enjoy!– Dana ***** Out and about at the electronic store […]

Original F/M Spanking Stories: ‘Twin Cheeks’

Here is an exceptional entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest, written by one of my favorite new playmates. I gave him his first spanking…and will soon deliver another. A true spanko, he’s even started his own blog, with an interesting perspective on the spanking lifestyle. Visit his new blogsite at: Secret Spanko. – Dana ***** ‘Twin Cheeks’ […]

Angel’s Pre-Punishment Blog

Readers,Another nice entry from Angel, who will be receiving this punishment…today. ***** It’s possible the VBB now has some competition in the “naughtiness” department and I am hoping his very nice wife (both of whom wished me well regarding my injury) will allow him to sympathize with my angst and provide me with some advice […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘When I get Older’

Sung to the tune of ‘When I’m Sixty-Four’ by the Beatles, this ‘song’ tickles me to no end for it’s fun style and thoughtful rhyming. Many thanks to the songwriter for his entry in the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ Story Contest. ***** Stairlift is broken, zimmer frame too Many years from now Will you still be sending us […]

F/M Spanking Story: ‘Close to Home’

A very well-written (slightly edited for somewhat naughty content) entry for the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ Story Contest, ‘Close to Home’ is further proof of the creativity of the readers and contributors to this blog. Thank you.– Dana ***** ‘Close to Home’ Chapter 1 “Gggrrruuuunnnh…” Wow that hurt!  I was really struggling, and stood up breathing fast but […]

Give ’til it Hurts: Spanking for Charity

Readers,In 2012, I will begin organizing and planning several fundraising ideas to coincide with community events all over the country.The general idea is a ‘Get a Spanking for Charity’-type fundraising booth at spanking parties (held by groups such as Chicago’s Crimson Moon) where all donations will go directly to an animal charity organization in that […]

F/M Spanking Stories: ‘My Birthday Spanking’ entry

A really great entry to the ‘My Birthday Spanking’ story contest, this untitled story from a contributor who I’ll call ‘Anthony’ is another example of the wonderful imaginations at work in this (and every) contest. Enjoy! -Dana  ***** Today was what some would call a “special” day. That’s what they tell you when you’re small as […]

Dana Kane, by RedRump

Readers, Please indulge me in a bit of crowing: I received this beautiful piece of custom artwork from RedRump, and am just beyond complimented that he’s taken the time to create something in my likeness. I’ll be enlarging and framing this wonderful stroking of my ego, and placing it in my playroom. – Dana (Thanks […]

My Birthday Spanking Story Contest Winner

Readers,This was a particularly enjoyable contest, as the entries are all so varied and unique. I am certain that you will enjoy them as much as I have. I must issue my usual disclaimer that choosing one winner for these little contests is extremely difficult. There were nearly two dozen individual submissions to the ‘My Birthday […]