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Here is a sexy little spanking story from one of my wonderful playmates. I am hoping to be able to share much more of his writing in future. Enjoy!

– Dana

Fantasy and Desire, Part One:

Isabella couldn’t believe her eyes at first. Her girlfriend Melissa and she had been friends forever and as such, these comfortable after work wine socials had been going on every Friday evening since college.  When she and Ernie got together and became lovers she never really saw any reason for them to stop.  In fact, Melissa and she both thought Ernie’s presence to their little Friday ritual added to things and he really seemed to enjoy being one of the girls. But tonight she noticed Ernie’s attention really seemed to be drawn to Melissa’s legs, he just could not keep his eyes off them.  Certainly she could understand why. Melissa was coyly wearing a very short red skirt, showing not only a lot of her long sexy legs, but the lacy tops of her stockings and the milky cream white of her smooth thighs were showing as well. Worse she seemed to show more of her legs as each glass of wine worked its relaxing magic. That, among other visual glimpse we won’t mention.  

 Isabella also understood Ernie had always been attracted to sexy legs. It was the one thing that had first drawn them together and Ernie had often mentioned how he could not keep from getting turned on whenever he saw her legs crossed, in nylons wearing one of her short skirts.  Yes, and she had certainly used his fascination to her advantage more than once. She had noticed how much more attentive his lovemaking was when she had her nylons and garters on. So, seeing his looking at Melissa’s legs, as she exposed herself, really was not surprising, What was surprising was how she, was reacting to it. First, was her surprising twinge of jealousy, she had never thought of herself as the jealous type? Not her, she was sexually uninhibited but here she was actually a little angry by his attention to Melissa’s legs. He was supposed to be looking at her legs. Secondly, *** as she watched him looking, kind of like a voyeur seeing something she wasn’t supposed to. Both of these feeling surprised her and she made a mental note that as soon as Melissa left this evening, Ernie would have some explaining to do and some serious lovemaking to attend to. She was getting turned on. Both by all she was seeing and the thoughts going through her mind as the evening wore on.
Finally Melissa left and Isabella and Ernie were cleaning up when she thought it time to bring things up. “So, I noticed you looking at Melissa’s legs this evening, did you find them attractive?” She asked.  Ernie looked up and quickly averted his eyes, a sure sign he was guilty. “So?” She persisted. “Well, yeah, sort of.” He said. “Sort of?” she asked. “What kind of answer is that?” “You couldn’t keep your eyes off her legs all night.”  She went on. “I thought you liked my legs”. She pouted. “Oh Baby” Ernie cooed. “Of course I like your legs, you stole my heart showing off those sexy legs of yours” he went on. “And you know I would do anything to keep those silky smooth legs and your beautiful self in my life”. “Melissa was just being a bit flirty tonight and really… how could I not look?” Ernie grinned that Cheshire cat grin. “Even you have to admit she has great looking legs.”

“Anything?”  Isabella asked. “What?” Ernie responded.  “You just said you would do anything to keep me and my legs in your life.”  “Did you really mean that?” She asked him. “Really anything or were you just saying that?”  Ernie looked at this sexy little vixen and knew she was leading him some where, but he also knew this woman was the sexiest, most uninhibited woman he had ever met and he would let her take him anywhere a sexual adventure might be in the offing. “Really Honey anything, if it meant keeping you happy and taking care of me.” Ernie said. She looked at him very coyly saying ‘we’ll see’ as she invited him to meet her in the bedroom in 10 minutes, not a moment before. As Ernie waited he couldn’t help but let his mind run in a million directions. Isabella was not only beautiful, she was the sexiest creature he had ever known and he knew her kinky little mind had no bounds ***.
.He had never known a woman who had such complete mastery and control of her sexuality and there was nothing she wasn’t comfortable with. She had certainly taken him on more sexual adventures in their short time together than all the other women he had ever met, combined. And even though some were a bit strange to his way of thinking originally, each in the end had been exciting and sensually engaging. So no matter what she had planned he could only look forward to it with excitement and a minimal amount of trepidation. So pouring them each a glass of wine, Ernie headed for the bedroom with anticipation of a night he would long remember…oh if he only knew.

Entering the bedroom he saw Isabella seated, skirt raised and legs crossed, showing her stocking tops and creamy white thighs, with her back to her dressing table and her oak hairbrush on her lap. “How nice, you brought me a glass of wine,” she noted. “Please bring it to me. You can set it on my dressing table?” She requested as he crossed to her.  As Ernie came to her, placing the wine on the table he toasted “To a memorable night.” Again, if he only knew, and as he drank from his glass, she had already moved ahead and was undoing his pants and pulling them down.  “Whoa” Ernie intoned. “You seem a bit eager?” he asked.  “Well yes.” She smiled back. “I am, but not for what you think my dear man.”  “What do you mean?” He asked beginning to think he was in for another something he had not figured on.  “Well I thought you might have guessed when you came in and saw me sitting here, legs crossed with this hairbrush on my lap.” She went on. “But then you often need to be led to things my dear, don’t you?”  Continuing on she said “You were quite naughty this evening…oh yes quite naughty”. “I saw you looking at Melissa’s legs all evening like a naughty little thirteen year old boy. You couldn’t keep from staring.” She said. “Fortunately Melissa was in one of her ‘it’s all about me’ moments, so of course she didn’t notice, but I certainly did and was not happy about it”.  “I’m sorry.” I said. “Oh are you? Are you really sorry?” she asked.  Looking at me with what could only be viewed as a dominating like look. “Are you sorry enough to admit how naughty you were and accept being punished for it?” “Are you that sorry”? She asked.  “Excuse me?” Ernie stuttered. “Punished?”  “Well of course punished.” She went on in a matter of fact manner. “What else would happen to a naughty boy?” “You simply must be taught a lesson you won’t soon forget and I intend to do just that.”  “Oh and just how do you plan to do that my dear Isabella?” He asked thinking they were playing another of her games. “What, it’s still not obvious?” She asked. “Well let me make it perfectly clear”. She continued. “It is my intention to next pull down your underwear like this, put you over my knee and give you a good sound bare bottom spanking, much like a naughty 13 year old would receive when they think they are too big for their britches, teaching you a lesson you will never forget.” 

And just like that the underwear came down and before he knew it she had pulled him to her side and quicker than he could react to, had him lying face down across her stocking clad lap staring at her lovely legs from a position he would never have imagined and what happened next, well I don’t really think it takes much imagination to see where Isabella, her hand and hairbrush intended to take him. Beginning with her hand she warmed his white little bottom a nice shade of pink, to bright red.  Spank after spank landing on his bare behind. Trying to keep his poise he gritted his teeth and tried to think only of the lovely stocking clad lap he found himself face down across. Finally after a 100 or so sound spanks Bella stopped. And Ernie started to rise. “Now just where do you think you’re going?” Isabella asked holding him down across her lap.  “Please Bella, I’ve learned my lesson, really I have.” Sounding quite like the naughty little boy he had behaved liked. “Really I have.”  Bella rubbed his red bottom with one hand, while picking up the hairbrush with the other. “I’m not quite sure you have my dear, but believe me once you feel the sting of my hairbrush, well then you will have learned”. “Yes, learned and will remember for quite some time”. She softly intoned. And with that the spanking began anew and with a much more rigorous application. Spank after spank, twenty thirty forty, he soon forgot to count, lost in the burning sting only a hairbrush can provide. Squirming, trying to avoid the burning spanks as they rained down, fighting back tears of embarrassment, finally the spanking was over, and she helped him up. As he rose from her lap, rubbing his very well spanked bottom like any naughty boy would, Ernie noticed something else he would never have guessed, he was far more wanton of his sexy woman than he could ever remember. He had to have her, and for her part, she too was already entwined with him, kissing him deeper and more fully. Had they wanted one another before the spanking, they needed one another now. Never had he wanted a woman so bad and not just any woman, no, he wanted this goddess in front of him, wrapped about him, who just moments earlier had spanked him like a very naughty little boy. And Isabella was kissing him with such passion and so, so hot. Before they knew it, they were in the bed and engulfed with a consuming passion neither had ever known. It was to say the least, a night unlike any other, filled with shuddering climaxes and wanton lips.  Was this all caused by a simple act of spanking? What or how, not important but if it were, it certainly bore repeating, at least that was what was going on in sweet Bella’s mind. Oh yes! If a trip over her knee would unlock this kind of passion, poor Ernie was in for quite a few spankings. As for Ernie, well, how many times the hairbrush landed, spanking his bottom a blistering red that evening, he could not keep count of. But one thing was for certain, if he ever looked at another Lady’s legs again, it certainly would be with the memory of this spanking fresh in his mind, that and a thorough scanning to insure that Isabella was not watching.  But would he allow another spanking, well if it led to the passion that evening had brought forward, well I think we all would.  Oh yes… I told you his beautiful Lady was quite unconventional.
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I am very pleased to be able to share this snippet of video with you, by request of the Very Bad Boy and his Wonderful Wife.

The very first time I met the VBB, his WW left him in my care. He and I dealt with some serious issues on that one occasion, and he promised to change his behavior in the future.

All of our subsequent playtimes have included the Wonderful Wife – she and I ‘tag-teaming’ him – and all have been nothing but f-u-n.  Even though all of our play has been lighthearted, make no mistake…we play hard. Really hard.

This time was different, though. This time the Wonderful Wife, HoH, determined to request my assistance in dealing with some recent sneaky behavior on the part of the VBB. Of course, I accepted.

First, I count this couple among my most favored playmates, and would be hard-pressed to turn down an invitation from them, whatever the request.

Second (as I explained to the VBB), I am now invested in his process. I was frustrated and disappointed when hearing of his misbehavior and welcomed the opportunity to hold him accountable.

This is just a small part of Punishment Day…and very early on, as evidenced by the lack of damage to his bottom.

Enjoy (we did).

– Dana

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Fouettard’s Academy: (4) End of term

The ‘boys’ gathered for session ten with mixed feelings. Not having to spend their Saturdays concentrating on their behaviour, and almost inevitably going home with a sore bottom, was, in many ways, welcome. However, they had actually become rather attached to Mrs Armstrong and Ms Kane. Although they were strict, and employed what most people regarded as old-fashioned methods, there was something about them that commanded respect and admiration. The course had been enlightening. They had learned that habits and behaviour that previously they wouldn’t have given a second thought to was unacceptable to women, and it was somehow refreshing to encounter these two strong women who neither ignore their bad behaviour nor nagged them about it but confronted them in a clear and straightforward manner.

However, life had changed even more dramatically in the past week. The ‘wives’ session’ the previous Saturday meant that it wasn’t only on Saturdays that they had to answer for their actions, it was everyday! For two of them, Ernie Wilde and Oliver Dickens, this was especially so, and far from having to wait until the end of the session, they arrived at the Academy with a distinct consciousness of part of their anatomy (and not the part that normally drives mens’ thinking!).

Mrs Armstrong and Ms Kane had been looking forward to the session all week, not so much because it was the end of term but more because they were keen to hear whether the work they had done with the wives had been productive. In some cases they were pretty confident but with others they wondered whether, back home in a one-to-one situation, the wives’ new-found assertiveness might have wavered. 

The early signs were good. Several of the men seemed considerably quieter and more reflective than usual, and the women sensed a mood of anxiety and compliance that they had not witnessed previously. As soon as everyone was assembled and settled Mrs Armstrong began. “I hope you’ve all had a good week. Ms Kane and I are looking forward to hearing your reports.”

No sooner had she started than Ernie Wilde raised his arm aloft. “Yes, Wilde, what is it?”

“Please Ma’am, I was just wondering, if matters… how shall I say… have been dealt with at home, do we still need to report them to you? I mean, it wouldn’t be very fair for us to be punished twice.”

Knowing smiles spread across the faces of the two women. Mrs Armstrong turned to her colleague. “Ms Kane, what do you think? Would it be fair for us to punish a naughty boy who’s already been punished?”

Of course they had already considered this issue as part of their preparation for the session. “Well, Mrs Armstrong, it seems to me it very much depends on the behaviour in question and whether we consider the punishment has been sufficient.”

“I have a good idea why you’re asking that question, Wilde,” said Mrs Armstrong. “I’ve just read a very interesting report from your wife. So let’s start with you and see if your version of events tallies.”

The boy stood up and began his account. “Caroline told me last weekend that from now on she will be keeping a tally of everything I do wrong and on Friday evenings it will be payback time. I didn’t realise she would be including even the tiniest thing wrong, like when I didn’t answer her quickly enough. On Tuesday I left some dirty socks on the bedroom floor, and she also told me to run the dishwasher next morning, which I forgot to do. On Wednesday she said she’d noticed that the car was very dirty and that I’d been negligent to let it get so bad. On Thursday there was…. oh, I can’t remember now. Really, Ma’am it’s been tough going. She’s picked on every little thing.” Wilde paused, but if he thought he was going to get a sympathetic word from Mrs Armstrong he was mistaken.

“Probably not before time unless I’m very much mistaken, which is not something I’m in the habit of being. As I’ve told you repeatedly over the past ten weeks, you boys need to smarten up your act. However, Wilde, you’ve not finished the story. What happened on Friday?” 

Mrs Armstrong knew only too well what had happened on Friday but she wanted to hear it from Wilde himself.

“Er… well Ma’am, I got home from work as usual, and I had decided that I should say sorry for my failings during the week, so I bought her a really huge bunch of flowers. But instead of being pleased – well, actually she did say they were nice but she then went on to say that if I thought I could bribe her by buying flowers I’d better think again. However, she said that it was good that I’d bought her a present as she had bought one for me and that she’d give it to me later. We had dinner and watched some television. Then, suddenly, she turned off the programme saying it was time for my present and that she’d be back in a moment.  A couple of minutes later, sure enough, she was back carrying a parcel, all tied up with ribbons. She gave it to me and told me to open it. Of course I was intrigued and…”. 

His words were cut short by Mrs Armstrong. “At this point you had no idea what was in the parcel, is that correct, Wilde?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I had no idea. It was quite a big box, about this long.” He stretched his hands out wide. “When I got the box open there was a load of newspaper and filling inside and Caroline told me to search. Suddenly I felt something hard and pulled it out. It was a paddle, like one of the ones you and Ms Kane have here. I was still getting over the shock of that when my wife said to keep searching, and right at the bottom of the box there was a cane. Caroline then said to me that although they were for me, it was also a present for herself, because she would enjoy using them. And then she told me to pass them to her.”

“Rather a shock for you, eh, Wilde?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“This is a really interesting story, Wilde, please do continue.” Mrs Armstrong had a smile on her face as she spoke. She was enjoying seeing the boy’s discomfort as he recounted his experience.

“Well, Ma’am, she reminded me of what she’d said about Friday being payback time and that she’d been dying to use the things since they’d arrived the previous day. She told me she’d ordered them online as soon as she got home last Saturday, and that the company had fulfilled its stated three to five days delivery schedule. She then said that even though my behaviour hadn’t been that bad, as the implements were new she needed to give them a thorough try-out, so I’d be getting an extended spanking and caning. She told me to undress, moved a chair into the centre of the room and sat down, then told me to get over her lap. She told me I’d better get used to being over her lap because it was likely I’d find myself there every Friday evening. And then she started, whacking my butt with the paddle, which hurt like blazes. I’d never realised she was quite so strong. How long that went on I’m not sure, it seemed like ages to me, but finally she stopped and told me to stand up.” 

“But that was not the end of the proceedings, was it, Wilde? Do carry on,” Mrs Armstrong interjected.

“Well, Ma’am, I was standing there rubbing my butt, thankful it was over, but Caroline went and picked up the cane and was making swishing noises with it. She said she thought it would do nicely, and ordered me to bend over with my hands flat on the chair. And then she gave me a dozen vicious swats, which stung something rotten.”

“Are you sure it was a dozen, Wilde? Did you keep count?” Mrs Armstrong asked.

“Yes, Ma’am, she told me to count each stroke aloud.”

“Well, well,” declared Mrs Armstrong, “there was me sitting at home yesterday evening, relaxing and quietly reading a book, while over in your house all this excitement was happening. What a lucky boy you are to have such a caring and responsible wife!”

Wilde, for once, remained silent, wanting, but not daring, to disagree with Mrs Armstrong, who continued speaking.

“In the circumstances it sounds as though you have been well recompensed for your behaviour this week and that, for once, you are not in need of my special measures. What do you think Ms Kane?”

“It certainly sounds so to me, Mrs Armstrong,” Ms Kane replied, “but perhaps to be sure we should just check on the state of Wilde’s backside, to make sure that he hasn’t been exaggerating.”

“An excellent idea,” Mrs Armstrong declared, “come out here, Wilde, and bare your bottom for us all to see.”

Reluctantly, Ernie Wilde made his way to the front and did as Mrs Armstrong had instructed, so that the results of the previous evening were on show not only to the two women but also to his fellow students.

“Most impressive,” Mrs Armstrong declared.

“I agree,” said Ms Kane, “it is very clear, Wilde, that your wife is not only caring but also very skilled.”

The women’s approval was justified. Not only was the whole of Wilde’s bottom a very deep shade of pinkish red, it was also bearing a mass of distinctive tramline marks left by the cane. It was clear that Mrs Wilde had been as proficient dealing with her husband as she had been when practising at the previous week’s session.

“Very well, Wilde, pull your trousers up and go and sit down … carefully, I suggest, given the state of you.” Mrs Armstrong could be severe, but she had a kind side too! “We shall not be requiring you to stay behind this evening.”

Attention turned to Dickens. Mrs Dickens was another of the wives who had impressed Mrs Armstrong and Ms Kane, and her report had stated that she had indeed put her new-found spanking skills into practice, and clearly had listened carefully to Ms Kane’s talk about household implements. But it was important to hear her husband’s side of the story.

Dickens, who could be hard going at times, recounted the events of the week in detail. It transpired that Mrs Dickens had adopted a rather different approach to Mrs Wilde. Instead of making a note of transgressions and dealing with them on a weekly basis, she had decided on an ‘instant justice’ approach. So it was that on the previous Sunday when Oliver Dickens had tried to evade helping with the chores that were a part of his wife’s household routine, he found himself over Anne’s knee for a sound spanking. On Tuesday he had carelessly let a pan of milk boil over and she had spanked him with a wooden spoon, and on Wednesday, when he left his clothes lying all over the bedroom, she had reached for her wooden-backed hairbrush. On Thursday and Friday he had redoubled his efforts and had managed to avoid further inflictions on his backside.

“It seems to me that your wife’s attentions are having a very beneficial effect,” Ms Kane commented.

“Yes Ma’am,” Dickens agreed ruefully.

“Well, I shall be contacting her and urging her to keep up the good work. I shall also inform her that, should she need any assistance in correcting you, she can arrange for you to attend one of the private sessions that I arrange for naughty boys. Is that clear?”

“Yes Ma’am, thank you Ma’am, but I’m sure that won’t be necessary.”

Ms Kane was not so sure, but for now she gave him the benefit of the doubt. “Oh, and that goes for the rest of you boys as well,” she added, addressing the class.

“Right, Mr Potter, I think we’ll hear from you next,” Mrs Armstrong declared authoritatively. Henry Potter and his fiancée Joanne Rowley were the couple about whom Mrs Armstrong was most concerned. The fact that they did not live together permanently meant that Potter had the advantage of some additional leeway, and some of the behaviour that had been reported over the term had placed him in need of considerable correction. Moreover, there was no guarantee that the full extent of any misbehaviour had been reported. Additionally, Mrs Armstrong was concerned whether Joanne was a strong enough character to control him in the way that was needed.

“Joanne and I had a long talk last Saturday evening,” he began. “She said the session last week had been quite an eye-opener, and that she had realised she needed to be more assertive. She asked me how I felt about that and I said I wasn’t sure, that I could see good and bad aspects to it. We agreed we’d just have to see how things are once we’re married. Then when I saw her during the week she said she’d thought some more, and that she now thought we needed to sort this out now rather than waiting ‘til we’re married when it’s kind of too late. Then she gave me an ultimatum, that if I didn’t agree to her being in charge then she would break off our engagement. That was a shock to me and not something I wanted to happen, so after we’d talked some more, I agreed to give it go on that basis. Anyway, the most important thing is that her ultimatum really made me think about myself, and I intend to try my best to behave in the right way.”

The gist of Potter’s statement coincided almost exactly with the report that Mrs Armstrong had received from Joanne. Listening to him, she felt that his words and intentions were sincere.

“Well now, I think that is cause for some celebration,” she said. “You will all remember that when you came to Fouettard’s I told you that my sole aim is the help you have better lives and better relationships. What you have said sounds to me as though the prospects are very positive for you and the future Mrs Potter. I am also delighted to hear that your fiancée has the good sense to sort out the nature of your relationship now, something for which I shall congratulate her. Similar to what Ms Kane said to you earlier, I shall tell her that I too am available to support her if you give her any trouble. But for now I wish you well.”

“Thank you Ma’am,” Potter replied. In truth he was still somewhat taken aback by his experience at the Academy and the change in his relationship with his fiancée, but deep down he had a sense that what Mrs Armstrong, Ms Kane, and now Joanne too were demanding was in his best interests. Moreover, he had not enjoyed having his bottom warmed, and the threat of this happening at his fiancée’s hands was a strong incentive to improve his behaviour.

Ian Fleming was the next to report. As had been the case for several of the boys, he and his wife Penny had held a discussion the previous Saturday evening following the wives’ session. Except that in Fleming’s case it had been less of a discussion and more of an argument. At one point he had told her that if she thought he was going to let her ever spank him she had another think coming, a statement that really lit the blue touch paper.
The argument had continued, with Penny demanding an apology and Fleming refusing to give it, and as a result they had slept in separate rooms. 

However, he said, by the next morning he had calmed down, had thought about things more, and had duly given his wife an apology, which she had accepted. However, she had told him that an apology was not sufficient, and had ordered him to take off his belt, which she had then used to give him a thrashing for his behaviour. 

“And how have things been since then?” Mrs Armstrong enquired.

“As far as I’m concerned that’s the end of it,” said Fleming. “I lost, she won, end of story.”

“Yes and no,” replied Mrs Armstrong, a frown on her face. “You are right that once you have been punished for your misdeeds that is the end of that particular matter. However, I detect from your attitude that you are neither truly contrite, nor are you accepting your wife’s authority. In my view you are in need of considerable further attitude adjustment training. If the next term at Fouettard’s was not already fully booked I would be discussing with your wife about you returning. As it is, I shall have to leave it to Mrs Fleming to persevere with you. Meanwhile, you will stay behind at the end of this session, and I warn you now that I am disposed to treat you extremely harshly.”

“But Ma’am,” Fleming protested, “I …..”

His words were abruptly curtailed by Mrs Armstrong. “Be quiet, Fleming,” she rapped; “there are no buts. You have heard my decision, which is not open to question. It is time you accepted that when I or Ms Kane or your wife make a decision, we are not asking your opinion, we are telling you how it is.”

She paused, and suddenly the anger on her face changed briefly to a wry smile. “Actually, Fleming, there is one butt, yours, and by the time I’ve finished with you, you will be acutely conscious of it. Now we must move on.”

Next to be considered was Joe Austen. Events for him had taken a rather different direction about which, on balance, he was reasonably happy. He recounted how, later the previous Saturday evening, his wife, Emma, had initiated a discussion about the events of the day, saying how much she had enjoyed it, and that she had never realised that spanking could be so enjoyable. Joe had retorted that it might have been enjoyable for her but his bottom was still sore. “Perhaps you should let me inspect it,” Emma had said but had then stated that she could best undertake this task if he was draped over her lap. Despite Joe’s protests, Emma had insisted. She then concluded that although there was a touch of pink, a deeper shade of pink would be much more attractive, and to Joe’s chagrin had proceeded to spank him again. However, his regret at her new source of pleasure was eased when, satisfied with her work, Emma had instructed him to carry her to the bedroom, where events much more to his liking had ensued.

“The same thing happened again during the week, so it seems that in order to get my needs satisfied I have to let her spank me,” he said. 

“It sounds to me as though you are still thinking about yourself, Austen,” said Ms Kane matter-of-factly. “Your wife’s pleasure should always be given priority and should be uppermost in your mind. And I don’t much like this ‘let her spank me’ nonsense. If your wife decides you need a spanking then that decision is final, irrespective of what you think or want.”

Joe Austen then made a fateful mistake. “Indeed so, Ma’am, but I’ve realised that the best way of getting what I want is to do things that annoy her, so that she can then enjoy giving me a spanking, and then, well, you know….” His voice trailed off without finishing the sentence.

Almost as soon as he’d spoken he realised his mistake, and wished he’d kept his thoughts to himself.

Ms Kane was incensed. “Austen, that is selfish and appalling, and I’m sure your wife will have the good sense to very quickly see through your devious scheme. I shall certainly be speaking with her to advise a strategy that circumvents it. Meanwhile, you will be punished for your extremely naughty idea. I think a good caning is the least you deserve, and don’t imagine for one second that I will be offering you any favours afterwards.”

“Quite preposterous,” Mrs Armstrong added. “Sometimes I despair of you boys. Ms Kane was quite right to use the word devious. I really wonder if you have learned anything in your time here, Austen, which if I recall correctly was what I said to you at the end of last time and why you’ve been back here for further training. As with Fleming, I cannot accommodate you next term and must leave matters to your wife, which I am confident she is now very capable of doing. Meanwhile, you also will stay behind at the end of this session.”  

So, lastly, the honour (if such it was) of making the final report of the term went to Wordsworth, fittingly perhaps because he was the only boy in the history of Fouettard’s to be enrolled for three terms. And it was a finale that contained quite a shock for everyone, except perhaps – to a degree – Mrs Armstrong. 

Wordsworth stood up. Ignoring the brief report notes he had written he addressed Mrs Armstrong, requesting her indulgence as he wanted to make a statement rather than give a report on his behaviour. Heads turned towards him in surprise.

“The fact is, Ma’am, I want to thank you and Ms Kane for achieving what I have been unable to do over many years. As a result of your instruction last Saturday my wife has now agreed to spank me on a regular basis. Far from regretting that, as most of my fellow students appear to do, it is something I welcome. I am what is commonly known as a spanko. Some may find that strange, but it is a desire I have harboured for much of my life. My initial enrolment at Fouettard’s was something I engineered. My wife agreed to it as a compromise between my desire and her reluctance to engage in it herself. I have to admit that my bad behaviour was deliberate, in order to be able to continue here. So all I really wish to say is to thank both of you, Mrs Armstrong and Ms Kane, for your wonderful attention to my needs, and most of all for convincing my wife.”

Several of the other students looked at him in amazement. Yes, they had come to realise the benefits of the Academy’s straightforward, no-nonsense approach but to actually enjoy the painful punishments this included was outside their frame of reference.

Ms Kane smiled gently, shaking her head with a mixture of surprise and appreciation. “I must congratulate you, Wordsworth, on your acting ability. How you have kept up this pretence of being a genuinely naughty boy I’m not sure. I also want to congratulate you on your courage in making this statement. It is, of course, a limited environment, but to come out as you have is not something everyone is able to do. I welcome you to the world of spankos, to use your word. Whilst my prime objective in being here with Mrs Armstrong is to assist in the training that she offers, punishing naughty boys does give me great pleasure. Furthermore, I am genuinely pleased for you that you and your wife can now incorporate these activities in your marriage, and I am very confident that this will enhance your relationship.”

Mrs Armstrong then spoke. “Ms Kane has said most of what needs to be said, Wordsworth. I will admit that over the time you have been here I have had my doubts about you. Your persistent and stubborn refusal to learn led me at times to wonder if you actually enjoyed being punished, and you have made it clear that was indeed the case. Part of me is mindful to punish you here today for your dishonesty until now, but on balance it is better that I leave this to your wife.”

After a final short lecture from Mrs Armstrong, four of the boys – Wordsworth, Dickens, Wilde and Potter – were allowed to leave, while, as required, Fleming and Austen stayed behind to face the wrath of their tutors. In the circumstances, given it was the final session and there were only two boys to punish, they were each treated to a session with both women. Ms Kane stood on one side with a thick, two-tailed leather strap, while Mrs Armstrong was on the other with one of her whippiest canes. The two women alternated, one stroke each at a time, until Fleming had taken twenty-four from each of them. Austen then took his place and received the same treatment. In themselves the strapping and caning were severe punishments, but dealing alternately with the differing sensations of leather and rattan increased the boys’ ordeal. By the time it was over they were both very grateful that they would not be returning to Fouettard’s, at least in the foreseeable future.

Mrs Armstrong and Ms Kane reflected on the session. What they had heard had convinced them even more strongly that the wives’ session the previous week had been an inspired idea. They also agreed that there was at least an even chance that they had not heard the last of Dickens; whilst they did not doubt his wife’s ability or commitment to the cause, he was exactly the sort of boy who was likely to require some additional private tuition at the hands of a professional expert. For different reasons, there was a fair chance of Wordsworth seeking their further attention. It seemed the boy had an insatiable appetite that his wife might not be able to satisfy; if so, they would be glad to help out. Meanwhile, the transformation of Potter and his fiancée gave them particular satisfaction; given the starting point, the establishment of domestic discipline within their relationship was remarkable. 

“How good it is to be able to make the world a better and happier place, Dana,” said Julia.

And the two women knew this was something they would go on doing long into the future. 

The end. 

This marks the end of UK Laureate’s ‘Fouettard’s Academy’ – a wonderfully detailed and entertaining F/M Spanking Story in four parts.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to attach a thank-you to UKL in the comment box, as he’s shown such generosity in sharing his writing talent and imagination with us all, again and again.  

(And if you’re still having trouble commenting, try using the Google Chrome browser…it seems to work fine with the Blogger format.)

– Dana

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Oct 232011


Since you’ve had the opportunity to read some of Angel’s thoughts on D/S, spanking, and our time together, I thought you may like to see her (us, actually) in action. After our workday, I could think of no better way to blow off some steam than to film a quick scene for our mutual friends at Discipline Academy. While much of their content is heavy BDSM-themed, we thought it would be fun to do something a bit different…something more my style. Angel, in her wonderful way, was up for just about anything, so I decided to take the opportunity to address a little problem of hers – holding still.

Angel is cute as a button, sweet as she can possibly be, and tough as nails. She proves it in the video we made for Discipline Academy, titled ‘Endurance Challenge’.

This is not typical spanko-style video, nor is it anything like the videos which I make here, at home.
Angel and I play out a corporal punishment and endurance scene, which includes somewhat heavy use of cane, leather and rubber implements on the buttocks, thighs, and other areas…as well as some relatively intense verbal and psychological manipulation. While I do not delve into anything disturbing, obscene, or severe…some viewers of my other videos may find this one rather, well…intense.

– Dana

You may preview/purchase the video, in three parts, here:

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Oct 222011

With his Punishment Day looming, I will let the VBB speak for himself…
– Dana

There always seems to be at least one statement, which Ms. Kane writes in her Emails that seems to leap off the screen and catches my attention. I am not sure if she purposely plans to use specific phrases or if they just happen to be what she is thinking at the time. It really does not matter because the result is the same; they catch my attention and inevitably cause my anxiety level to rise a good deal. Statements such as “We’ll deal with this behavior in short order,” “you will receive true discipline,” “You know that you’re in trouble,” “understand the necessity for seriousness.” While each statement alone elicits a feeling of apprehension, seeing them together creates a much deeper sense of dread. However, none of these statements either by themselves or as a whole produces in me the overwhelming feeling of panic as much as the words …“Punishment Day”… these two words cause a feeling of impending doom to well up in my stomach. The simple phrase caught me so off guard when I first read them that I lost my concentration as a growing numbness engulfed me. As I reread the dreaded words, the numbness gave way to a surge of adrenalin and I had to fight the urge to get up and run. Of course, there was no place to run and running would not have changed what Ms. Kane had written. 

“Punishment Day”…. these two words create an unthinkable epiphany of what awaits me during my upcoming session with Ms. Kane and my wife,  which is now duly designated as “Punishment Day”. There is nothing good about the name “Punishment Day,” the name itself invokes unsettling mental images of the impending doom, which awaits me. The words create an image of swelling black storm clouds gathering in the distance which darken the midday sky and sets ones soul trembling in fear. The term “Punishment Day” may not have elicited the same response if Ms. Kane had used it to label our first session together. There is some truth to James Gray’s statement “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” Before meeting Ms. Kane for the first time, my knowledge of her skills and abilities came solely from her blog and videos. My first hand ignorance of her expertise surely was blissful at the time. However after three sessions, whatever blissfulness I may have had before our first session is certainly long gone. This firsthand knowledge now makes the term “Punishment Day” much more menacing and creates such uneasiness in me that I have not been able to stop thinking about all the possibilities that “Punishment Day” invokes. I tried to explain to my wife how the term “Punishment Day” has so unnerved me, but her response is simply to tell me “You just need to trust that Dana and I know exactly what you can handle” Which I am sure was meant to make me feel a bit better. However, in reality, that really is the problem, they both know how much I can handle, and I certainly know what the both of them can dish out together. That is why the term “Punishment Day” conjures up such terrifying thoughts. 

            As if “Punishment Day” was not enough, Ms. Kane ended her Email with the proclamation “I’ll see you soon,” which only caused my sense of foreboding to deepen; It was then I had to fully  accept the fact that “Punishment Day” was coming whether I want it to or not. The words “I’ll see you soon” resonate deep within my consciousness and leaves me feeling completely powerless. I feel as though I’m trapped in a room with no way out and I so desperately want to find a way out of this room. Even if I can find a way out I am sure of one thing, standing in the way are two powerful and determined women patiently waiting for “Punishment Day” to arrive. In contrast to their poised self-confidence, I am trying everything in my power to maintain my composure. I wonder what would happen if I just throw myself at their mercy and plead for leniency. I think Ms. Kane would simply pick up the dreaded whippy cane and with a slight smile my wife would tell me once again, “Well I guess you should have thought about that before you decided to be sneaky and dishonest with me” and with that “Punishment Day” would begin…. I wonder if I have ever told them how much I hate the cane, especially that hideous white thin whippy fiberglass one.       
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