Sep 292011


As you know, I’ve moved into my new home in Las Vegas, and am having a great time making myself comfy in the new space.  Except that it’s three times the size of my little Hollywood hideaway…a high-quality problem, no doubt.

And did I mention that I am turning thirty-nine this month (October)? This is also, in my opinion, a high-quality problem.

In honor of these two semi-monumental occasions, I am throwing open the doors on my wishlist. Those of you with an abundance of cash to which you have no emotional attachments are encouraged to participate freely. 

If you’d like to purchase a mirror (the better for reflecting you with, my dear..) or a nice, high-backed chair for some serious OTK, click HERE.

If you’re more interested in wardrobe than decor, and would love to buy a near-stranger (that would be me…size 8) some hot, red pumps (or slippers…), click HERE.

If you can’t care less what I buy with it – or if you just cannot decide between the thirty dollar apron (which matches the shoes perfectly, I might add) and the four-hundred dollar chaise lounge – buy a gift card HERE and call it a day.

If you’re a traditionalist, you’ve come to the right place: send flowers HERE.

If you’re offended that I have the audacity to encourage gift-giving…relax. I’ll only keep the links posted throughout the month of October – one month – it’ll be over before you know it. And just for fun, click HERE.

– Dana
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Sep 262011

I have such great conversations with my fellow spankos and playmates; sometimes we are discussing our differences, but most often it is our commonalities which receive the most attention. It seems as though certain themes (the ‘spanko commons’, I guess you could call them) come up time and time again..

I’d like to take the opportunity to discuss some of these common themes here, and sort of continue the dialogues which I have enjoyed so much with like-minded friends. While I’ll never divulge personal information, obviously, many of you will still certainly recognize these conversations as similar to those you’ve had yourselves.

It seems like a lot to digest all at once, and these talks, themes, and ideas come up so randomly sometimes, that I think it will be fun to write about them a little at a time. Of course, since the title is ‘Conversations with Spankos’, I will encourage readers to share their opinions, experiences, and thoughts – the idea (as is nearly always the case with this blog) is to better know and understand myself and my fellow spanking enthusiasts.


Chapter One: Isolation

Today, one of my new playmates asked me to thank Erica Scott for writing her book, ‘Late Bloomer’. He said that he read it “cover to cover” and felt as though there were many times that she could just as easily have been telling his story, too.

This is such a common thread for us, isn’t it? How many of us spent years wondering why and where and when the spanking urges came..and what the hell to do about them? Before the age of the internet, there was simply too much distance between closed doors. People don’t tell their neighbors about their fetish, and they certainly don’t tell their families or closest friends. So, until the near-anonymity of the internet made us able to reach halfway across the world and touch someone in cyberspace, there really was very little alternative for most of us. Isolation was part and parcel for most.
(I should say here that a great deal of credit for bringing spankos out of the dark before the true internet age must be given to the good people behind Shadow Lane. I cannot tell you how many of my correspondents have named Tony, Eve, and Shadow Lane’s newsletter -delivered by the good, old U.S. Postal Service!-  as their saving grace, proof that they were neither aberrant nor alone.)

Many fetishists spend large parts of their adult lives unpartnered – simply because they are unable to find and fall mutually in love with someone who shares or empathizes with their interests.  Many others enter into long-term, otherwise loving relationships with partners who neither share nor empathize – and must learn to somehow hide or avoid their urges (as one friend recently said “…because it doesn’t ever go away.”). And then there are the lucky few who have either a fellow spanko as their life partner, or someone who loves and understands them enough to make allowances.

We do not fit neatly into most common relationship structures, especially in love. As difficult as love is for ‘vanilla’ folk…what does that mean for us? Is isolation as common among spankos as it seems?

– Dana

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Sep 252011


The Very Bad Boy and his Wonderful Wife contacted me this week regarding some recent unfortunate behavior on the part of the VBB. As many of you are aware, the Very Bad Boy tries very hard to behave…and usually succeeds. His Wonderful Wife, in her infinite patience, doles out regular maintenance and discipline spankings, and occasionally calls on me for a ‘helping hand’. 
This incident involves sneaky behavior on the part of the VBB – something he’s been guilty of (and punished for) in the past, and something that will not be tolerated anymore by his WW.
After contacting me and arranging a punishment session, where his WW and I will both do our best to modify his behavior, he offered to share his pre-punishment journal here. While I was pleased by his offer, I decided that his recent behavior warranted just a little more.
I assigned him something more substantial, and much less enjoyable, since he seems so amenable to writing…
One hundred times, neatly handwritten:

“I have disappointed my wife and Ms. Kane. I know that punishment is necessary. I deserve this.”

“I have disappointed my wife and Ms. Kane. I know that punishment is necessary. I deserve this.”

To his credit, they arrived quite promptly, within twenty-four hours…

“100 for Ms. Kane”

..along with the extra 100 lines that his Wife added after he told her about his assignment. Genius.

100 for the WW

– Dana

Below, the Very Bad Boy’s first pre-punishment journal entry:

Webster defines the word estimate as “to judge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of” thus to underestimate is to “misjudge tentatively or approximately the value, worth, or significance of”. Throughout my life time I have underestimated many things some small and some big. Some things did not really matter while others carried significant consequences. I do not think I have underestimated any thing this significant in a long time. Certainly the consequences of underestimating my Wife and Ms. Kane’s reaction to my recent behavior ranks among the biggest underestimations I have made.
I underestimated the consequences of my recent behavior; I thought I could simply get away with defying my wife’s rule and then not telling her what I did. I almost did, until I did it for the second time and my guilt was such that she could tell I had done something wrong. It did not take her long to get me to confess what I had done.
I underestimated my wife’s response to my confession, thinking I would just receive a normal OTK and maybe at worst some strokes with the cane. What I did not anticipate was my wife telling me that we were going to make an appointment with Ms. Kane so the two of them can properly deal with my behavior.
I underestimated Ms. Kane’s response to my E-mail that I sent outlining what I had done and requesting on behalf of my wife that the two of them deal with my behavior with a disciplinary session. I thought she would respond by saying that my behavior was not really that bad and did not warrant a disciplinary session. After reading her reply to my E-mail I knew I had underestimated her response.
I underestimated my wife’s resolve in taking me to see Ms. Kane for another disciplinary session. I honestly did not think she would really decide that my behavior was such that it would require another visit to Ms. Kane for a disciplinary session. Well now that we have an appointment to see Ms. Kane next month I realize that I greatly underestimated my wife. It really sunk in when she told me “Do you really think I am going to let you fall back into your old habits?”
I underestimated Ms. Kane’s response to what I considered was a small humorous comment in one of my E-mail responses to her. Apparently she did not find it as amusing as I did. Her response was to inform me that I was to hand write 100 times “I have disappointed my wife and Ms. Kane. I know that punishment is necessary. I deserve this.” I certainly underestimated my wife’s response when I told her what I had to do as she replied “Good you can do 100 for Dana and 100 for me.”  I underestimated how much a hand can cramp while writing 200 sentences, although I did not underestimate how boring writing 200 sentences can be.
I do know one thing I am not going to underestimate what the disciplinary session is going to be like next month and I am not going to underestimate the consequences if I choose to misbehave again.  


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Sep 242011


  Red Rump 

First, take a look at the banner for Red Rump’s blog:

I nearly feel as though I needn’t say anything more.

Come to think of it, I won’t. I’ll just let his art speak for itself:

(Amazing, isn’t it?)

More F/M Spanking Artists:

  Underlings Humblings

 Underling writes saucy stories to go along with his often-animated digital art. Underling uses different genres and styles to achieve some really exceptional artwork, and the stories are always detailed and articulate.

  Banjo’s BBS

 Apparently, Banjo is back. Being somewhat new to the spanking blogosphere, I wasn’t aware that he’d gone – but after taking a look at his artwork, I’m as happy as everyone else to see his return to F/M spanking art. If you are unfamiliar with Banjo as I was, do yourself a favor and take a look around the blog – his artwork is really fantastic. 
(Thanks to all the other bloggers who made me aware of Banjo and his blogsite – you all are a veritable font of spanking knowledge!)

Poser CP Art

I’ve written about Poser and his art before, but it’s never too soon to revisit his excellent  spanking art blog. F/M, M/F, and F/F content – and some really impressive graphic novels.


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Sep 232011

When trying to think of something tangible to demonstrate the basic concept of trust here, I naturally thought of something that we’ve probably all seen, at least on television..

..the ‘trust game’.

One person allows him or herself to fall backward from some height, trusting that the people standing behind will catch them, like so:

This is an excellent demonstration of trust, not only of the ‘faller’ but of the ‘catchers’ as well. 
The faller must trust that everyone behind him will stand the proper distance apart, with arms properly extended and knees properly braced for absorbing his weight. He must trust that one or more of them will not step away at the last second, from fear or reflex or plain meanness. He must also trust that this little experiment works…because he’s seen it on television, too.
The people standing behind are usually not considered in this part of the equation, but I believe that they are putting just as much trust in the faller as he is putting in them.  The catchers must trust that the faller will not panic and fling out his arms and legs dangerously; they must trust that the people around them will not step away, leaving them with an impossible burden; they must even trust that, in the event of an unfortunate accident, the faller will not single them out for his misfortune.
You may be wondering what my point is. And then again, you may not..
not if you’re a spanko.
We invest an immense amount of trust in one another, tops and bottoms, playmates and buddies.
If you’re one of my playmates, you’ve likely received a hearty ‘Thank You!’ from me – for the trust that you’ve placed in me, in so many ways. I simply cannot say it enough.
(And while most of you tend more to flop forward than fall back, it is always my distinct pleasure to catch you.)
If you’re a contributor to this blog, you’ve trusted me with your thoughts, writings, artworks, and opinions. If you’re a reader, you’ve trusted me with your time. Thank you. Thank you. 
Thank you.
– Dana
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