Conversations with Spankos: Chapter One

I have such great conversations with my fellow spankos and playmates; sometimes we are discussing our differences, but most often it is our commonalities which receive the most attention. It seems as though certain themes (the ‘spanko commons’, I guess you could call them) come up time and time again.. I’d like to take the […]

F/M Spanking Art Blogs

    Red Rump  First, take a look at the banner for Red Rump’s blog: I nearly feel as though I needn’t say anything more. Come to think of it, I won’t. I’ll just let his art speak for itself: (Amazing, isn’t it?) ***** More F/M Spanking Artists:   Underlings Humblings Underling writes saucy stories to go along […]

Spanking PSA: Trust

When trying to think of something tangible to demonstrate the basic concept of trust here, I naturally thought of something that we’ve probably all seen, at least on television.. ..the ‘trust game’.   One person allows him or herself to fall backward from some height, trusting that the people standing behind will catch them, like […]

New F/M Spanking Story: Fouettard’s Academy

Readers, I am always happy to be able to share a piece of spanking fiction  from one of my favorite author/contributors, UK Laureate – and this time is no exception. He’s spared no detail in setting another excellent scene in ‘Fouettard’s Academy: First Day of Term’.  Enjoy!– Dana More from UK Laureate: The Blue Umbrella […]

Story of US: Imaginative F/M Spanking Fiction

Readers, Here is one more excellent submission to the Story of US writing contest. This untitled work of fiction was submitted by one of my email correspondents, and he’s put himself in quite a perilous position – with nearly twenty angry women settling the score for his extensive past disrespect. Read about this cad getting his […]

A stroll around the Spanking block

I am happy to boast that I won the recent  Leather Thorn paddle naming contest. The ‘No-Holes-Barred’ was waiting for me when I arrived home to Las Vegas last evening, and I am beyond pleased. This paddle is TOUGH! John, owner and artisan at LT, handcrafts these amazingly beautiful (and effective) paddles in Princeton, Kentucky, and each […]

Another great ‘Story of US’ contest entry

Anthony (pseudonym) submitted this quirky, untitled story to the ‘Story of US’ writing contest. A “conversation” between a man and his dog, it’s funny and totally imaginative. Thanks, Anthony! – Dana ***** “You know what a ‘non-contestant’ is, Elliot?” Elliot’s not real talkative today. He just looks up at me with big eyes. “It means […]

Your Opinion: distance training, or Guided Self-Discipline

Readers,I would appreciate your opinions on a subject that comes up from time to time, usually referred to as ‘distance training’.Occasionally, I receive a request for distance training -what I call guided self-discipline, and am always happy to consider. However, to date not a single prospective correspondent has shown the application, attention to detail, or […]

New Spanking Blog: Disciplined Behaviour

One of my wonderful U.K. correspondents, and author of ‘The Rescue of a Roman Honeymoon’ and ‘Visiting Dana’ – Michael – has started a new blog titled Disciplined Behaviour.  While brand new, I am confident that this blog will become an excellent one, as Michael’s f/m spanking stories have been among the best I’ve received. A recent […]

Book Review: Late Bloomer by Erica Scott

It is not pertinent that I know Erica Scott, nor that I consider her a wonderful human being. Had we never met, and had I happened upon her memoir  ‘Late Bloomer’ by chance, I would still be equally as taken with it. However, since I’ve been following her blog (HERE) for some months, I was already prepared […]