‘Under Your Authority’: Original F/M Spanking Story

Readers,Here is another excellent submission to my recent ‘Story of US’ writing contest. ‘Under Your Authority’, a story in five parts, is yet another example of the wonderful reader-submitted content which I have the good fortune to share with you, every month.  Enjoy!          – Dana (Be sure to click on the ‘Read More’ link […]

Book Review: The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook, by Ms Gemma Forbes

Governess Gemma Forbes’ new book, ‘The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook’, is familiar and warmly-written. It’s also an everything-you-need-to-know edition of pure spanking knowledge. Ms. Forbes’ years of experience grant us access to her wisdom – and her book reminds us that we are many (after all, nobody would make such an exceptional effort if there […]

Ms Mona Rogers in L.A. Aug. 22nd

My dear friend Ms. Mona Rogers will be visiting Los Angeles, August 22nd through the end of the month. Very choosy about her playthings, Mona is a seasoned BDSM player with an impressive set of skills. Did I mention that she’s also a knockout?.. A true administrator of intense corporal punishments, Mona also possesses some […]

The Naughty Chair, Tampa Tanners, and Vegas dates

The lovely and truly talented writer Erica Scott posted a blog recently which included this little number: ‘The Naughty Chair‘ – Delightful! Crafted by one of Erica’s playmates, it is designed to cause a lovely bulls-eye design on either a pre- or post-spanked bottom.  The Naughty Chair looks like pure fun..and pure evil. Fair warning […]

Story of US Contest Entry: Visiting Dana

Readers, Here is one of the wonderfully imaginative entries for the ‘Story of US’ Writing Contest. Every single entry tickles me endlessly, and I do hope that you enjoy them as well. – Dana ***** Visiting Dana Calling. With a diffident and hesitant explanation, I tell you that I need punishment. Arranging. A time to […]

Book Review: Kink and the City, by J. Smith

Author John Smith set out to get reacquainted with his kinky roots – and succeeded beyond his own wildest expectations. The result is the (often tongue-in-cheek) recounting of one man’s romp through the renowned halls of some of BDSM’s most well-played dungeons. Informative, often hilarious, and always simply dripping with sarcasm, Kink and the City […]

Spanking PSA: Understanding Male Bottoms

Those uninitiated to the nuances of spanking play, corporal punishment, and the general world of BDSM may have difficulties understanding why a successful, intelligent, well-rounded and likely ‘dominant’ man would ever allow himself to be topped, disciplined, or punished for being naughty. Occasionally, even others among our ranks assume a hard-headed ignorance of the why’s […]

Spanking PSA: Discipline as Therapy

Most prospective playmates do not write to me requesting severe punishments or harsh treatment. Most have no interest in experiencing unrealistic levels of discomfort or in reliving any childhood traumas.  They write seeking respite, relaxation, and peace of mind.  There is no empirical data on impact play as therapy, of course, but I am willing […]

A Medley of Interesting Search Terms

Analytics reveal many useful statistics: numbers and charts and  graphs which we may use to magically manipulate the internet…or something.They also reveal a host of entertaining search terms entered byinternet users to reach a particular site. Here are a handful of thesearches which have led to my blog:“excellent disciplinarian danakane” – Why, thank you.. “a […]

Travel for August, September 2011

August 2011:  6-10   New York City (confirmed)19-21  Tampa   (confirmed- fully booked)September 2011:(September 1 – move to Las Vegas) 9-10     Detroit   (confirmed)12-13    Chicago   (confirmed)27-28    Seattle   (dates tentative)29-30    San Francisco   (dates tentative)More upcoming travel HEREEmail for details and scheduling:DanaKaneSpanks@gmail.com Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.

Las Vegas

I love Los Angeles, and it has been good to me, but… I will be relocating to Las Vegas in early September, 2011. This is going to be a big move, as it will afford me the ability to develop a fully-domestic playspace and filming location for future projects. Appointments in Las Vegas will be available […]

New Dana Kane Video: After the Party

You didn’t really believe that he’d behave at the dinner party, did you? Me either, but I prefer always giving the benefit of the doubt. This episode was beyond simple misbehavior, and needed dealing with swiftly and harshly…it would take the cane to redeem him. DanaKaneSpanks@gmail.com Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at DanaKaneSpanks.com.