Winner of the ‘Story of US’ Writing Contest

For the contest entrants,This month’s writing contest was less about challenging your writing skills and ability to research, and more about encouraging you to use your imaginations. I am pleased to say that I received several very imaginative entries and that you have exceeded my expectations once more. Some funny, some saucy, and some serious…I’ve […]

‘The Unexpected Visit’: F/M Spanking Fiction

Thanks to The Very Bad Boy, for his continuing saga of David (and his formidable disciplinarian and wife, Ann).More great stories from The Very Bad Boy:‘The Wedding Gift’‘The Wedding Gift: Returning Home’*Make sure to click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of the visible text, to display the full story.  “The Unexpected Visit” I had just […]

Spanking Bits and Pieces

Readers,This is blog post number 103. Thank you again and again for reading, commenting, and participating. ***** Occasionally, I have the opportunity to sit still and catch up on the other blogs which I enjoy reading.  While perusing Serving B recently, I stumbled upon a posting that I had not noticed previously, titled ‘Shout Out to […]

New Dana Kane Video: Before the Party

He thinks that we are headed out to attend a dinner party..but I have more important things to attend first.  Namely, his near-constant brattiness – and a stern warning to be on his best behavior for the remainder of the evening (we’ll see about that).     Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website […]

Upcoming Travel, and Contest Update

I will be visiting New York City, which seems to have become a second home, August 6-10, 2011.  As most of my available time is to be devoted to my regular playmates, appointments will be strictly limited, and must be booked well in advance. Please email for details and scheduling: ***** The ‘Story […]

Ladies Who I Adore

Many thanks to the fabulous Madeline at Chicago Dungeon for hosting me on my recent visit to her town. Her playspace is amazing and I am thrilled to be able to offer such a lovely location to my Chicago playmates. Madeline is one of the most intelligent, professional, and genuine women I have met in my […]

Spanking PSA: Tardiness

If you are tardy – you had better have an Excellent Reason.  Not an Excuse. (Very few exist of the former, and very many of the latter.)   Traffic is an Excuse.  It is ever-present. Leave earlier. Oversleeping is an Excuse.  You are an adult.  Get up when your alarm rings. Tired is an Excuse.  […]

New Dana Kane Video: Disciplining Nephew

Readers,Michael is one of my favorite long-time playmates, and he’s generously offered to allow me to share some excerpted video clips from our recent role-play.(This is my first attempt at use of the new camcorder, lights, editing, splicing, and the like. Be gentle.) – Dana If clicking the green arrow doesn’t start the play, double click […]

F/M Spanking Scenes in Media…

…are harder to find than their M/F counterparts. If you have any favorite fun, interesting, or sexy (within reason) F/M Spanking Scenes in media, please link them in the comments area.     – Dana Nova “Spank” from Disciple on Vimeo. MONSTER – SPANK from ben jones on Vimeo. Exit To Eden (Elliot’s Bondage Scene!) […]

Required (Spanking) Reading and New Implements

Readers,  Here are a few titles currently on my radar. If you’ve any recommendations for me and your fellow spankos please leave them in the comments section.     – DanaBy Governess Gemma Forbes:The Adult Spanking and Discipline Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Corporal Punishment Synopsis: “In the pages of this book you’ll find a plethora […]

An affinity for quality wooden implements

While I do love the smell and slap of leathers, and the swish of the cane makes me warm, the craftsmanship of wooden implements sometimes leave the strongest ‘impression’ on me, so to speak.Not only for the sheer enjoyment I receive from the looks on the faces of my bottoms, but for the beauty and […]

‘Tiffany’ – The Cowboy Writer does F/M Spanking

This is a saucy one from The Cowboy Writer, and I’ve used asterisks liberally to edit some beautiful yet naughty language. There is a whole lot of spanking going on at Woodsley College…definitely my kind of institution. Enjoy!   – Dana For the rest of Cowboy Writer’s stories:Taming the CowboyTaming the Cowboy II: The Cowboy’s […]

Spanked in his Panties

Readers,I am happy to be able to share a few photos from some recent play with one of my very favorite boys – with his permission, naturally.We had great fun with role-play and it is my studied opinion that he has one of the cutest polka-dot panty-covered bottoms I’ve ever seen. It was almost a shame […]

Video: Officer Naughty paddles him hard!

Sometimes Officer Naughty, the Spanking Court Bailiff (that’s me), helps carry out the Court’s sentencing. In this case, the defendant is sentenced to 100 whacks with a heavy wooden paddle. Number 100 looks like it’s going to hurt a bit… Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Words from the Wonderful Wife (and photos!)

I was tickled to receive this feedback from the Wonderful Wife of The Very Bad Boy. She is quite a formidable disciplinarian herself, and I am complimented by her trust.   As is customary with this delightful couple, we videotaped the session for their private use and they are kind enough to allow me to share […]

Links and Thanks to Spanking Fellows

Thanks to Prefectdt at SpankedHorticII for awarding my Spanking Pop Art Photo his “first, deliberate Saturday Swishing”, his “..pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.”   Check out his excellent content, humor, and well-chosen links.Thanks also to Red at Consensual Spanking for his kind review and link. He’s […]

Travel Update: Chicago, Detroit, and more

Dana Kane’s Upcoming Travel Schedule: (Click HERE often to see whether I’ll be spanking your city soon. I’ve also included a TRAVEL page in sidebar on the right-hand side of the blog.) JULY 2011: 14-16     Chicago17-19     Detroit 25-27     Seattle28-29     Portland AUGUST 2011:  6-10      New York […]