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For the contest entrants,

This month’s writing contest was less about challenging your writing skills and ability to research, and more about encouraging you to use your imaginations. I am pleased to say that I received several very imaginative entries and that you have exceeded my expectations once more. Some funny, some saucy, and some serious…I’ve enjoyed all your stories greatly and am pleased to share them with other readers here.  
As always, if I could choose every story, every month, I would. 
Keep writing and sharing…there will be more contests and many more chances to receive your Dana Kane spanking.

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The Winner of the ‘Story of US’ Contest for July 2011 is:

 – My Kind of Strange –

The writer of this story has played a lovely game of cat-and-mouse with content to which I fondly refer as ‘saucy’. You all know that I like to keep it relatively clean here on my blog, so many stories are edited, excerpted, or sadly not published at all – usually due to naughty language or sexual content. In this case, the story dips back and forth repeatedly…I began reading thinking “Uh-oh, he’s not read the rules”, then realized that our author has deftly avoided any actual saucy content whatsoever, all the while delivering quite a steamy spanking story. I do hope that you enjoy it as much as I have.    

Please congratulate the author, who will receive a free Dana Kane Spanking for his winning story entry.



Dana is a professional disciplinarian. She has short, straight black hair and dark blue eyes that always remind me of the “violet” color in Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. She’s slender, with curves in all the right places.
We met at a bdsm party at ***. I had been intrigued by her look, including some impressive ink on her arms, and her energy, but never had the opportunity to talk to her.
I was on my morning run on Venice beach and there she was taking her surf board off the roof of her car. I stopped to ask if her name was Dana. You look familiar. She nodded, smiling at me until I asked the next appropriate question: “Were you at the *** party last Friday?”
It turned out that she had noticed me and was curious why I hadn’t made the effort to meet her at the party. Now, with her standing directly in front of me and giving me such an evil smirk, I felt drawn to find out for myself. I finally made the first move, inviting her over for breakfast when she was finished surfing. I pointed out my apartment building, gave her the number, and jogged off, feeling her eyes on me as I sprinted to the corner.
I’d gotten cleaned up by the time she arrived and, still in her wet suit, asked if she could shower while I finished getting breakfast ready. I heard her singing over the sound of the water. What would she wear when she got out of the shower? Would she put his wetsuit back on? Or wear a towel?
I was pouring orange juice into glasses she strode into my living room, surprising me. That’s what my friend Georgia had said about her, Dana was always full of surprises. She wasn’t wearing a towel. She wasn’t wearing her wet suit. She wasn’t wearing the robe from the back of the bathroom door. She was wearing one of my blue oxford cloth button down shirts with a pair of my black satin boxers.
“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, moving toward me, that evil-seductive grin still on her face.

I shook my head. “No, knock yourself out.” I wondered what she would do next, and I suddenly realized that I was starting to perspire from wondering.
“I couldn’t resist,” she said, sitting on the edge of my couch and staring at me. My apartment is small, with the dining room and living room together, separated only by the sofa. My hand was still on the forgotten orange juice container, my entire body was frozen in place.
I watched as she ran her fingertips along one of her long, slender legs. Her legs looked good, sexy, her body was very pale against the black silk boxers. I took a step toward her, thinking that I wanted to take the place of her hands, I wanted to run my fingertips along her legs.
“There’s something erotic…” she started to say, looking at her reflection in the mirrored panels around my fireplace, “…something sexy about opposite sex lingerie.”
I got up my nerve to walk all the way to her side and once there I settled myself next to her on the couch. I reached out to touch the silky material and she leaned back against the cushions and grabbed my wrist before I could make contact. “Since I’m wearing yours why don’t you slip in to these”, holding out a tiny pink thong trimmed in lace.
I couldn’t believe how turned on I was at seeing this woman in my underwear and quite frankly, would have jumped out of the window if she’d asked. As I high-tailed it to the bedroom to change, she called after me, “and bring that hair brush that’s on your dresser.”
I returned to the living room and stood behind the sofa, my hands trembling, I hand her the brush, and wait.
She took the brush and examined it. It is old. The wood polished smooth as silk. The handle worn soft with use, the light bristles set into the dark wood. Turning her face, she strokes the bristles through her hair, leaving a path of obsidian, shining brilliantly in the shafts of sunlight filtering through the window. I touch her hand. I reach for the brush. Desire winning the battle over fear, I take the brush. Beautiful. Terrifying. Love and hate mingling in my heart as the wood presses into the palm. I lay the soft bristles to her hair, drawing them slowly down, bringing a brilliant shine to her lustrous locks. 

As I begin another stroke, she raises her hand to mine. She takes the brush in her hand and gently pulls me around the couch towards her, guiding me between her spread legs, facing her. Slowly she lays the soft bristles against my chest as my hands fall to my sides. I tremble as the touch sends tingles of electricity through my body. She traces the brush around my nipple, the tingling spreading throughout my body. I am floating in the sensations. My head light with pleasure. I feel her touch being withdrawn, leaving an aching desire, an emptiness in my chest.. Her finger traces down my chest and over my stomach, hooking it in the waistband of the thong. She tugs gently, then slowly pulls the panties down to my ankles. Her eyes move slowly up and down my body.

I gasp and look down at her questioningly. She slides the fabric of the shirt tails up, revealing her naked thighs. I step to her side. I stumble, hobbled by my panties but quickly step out of them and stand by her left thigh. “Get over my lap,” she says in a sweet but insistent tone. Seizing my wrist again, she tugs me forward and bends me over her lap, settling me across her thighs. She runs her hand over my ass.
Her firm thighs support my body, as I lay myself before her. The rays of sun fall across my body, warming it, however a chill settles in my stomach as I feel her gentle touch on my naked buttocks. I feel her palm moving over my bottom, tracing small circles over the bare skin. The hunger surges up once more, fighting its way ahead of the chilling fear. I feel her thigh pressing against me. I push myself against her, moving my hips forward against her leg. I feel her touch vanish, once again leaving me empty, desolate. I pull back, raising my hips, aching for her touch. Wanting. Waiting.
Rubbing gently, caressing the backs of my thighs, her fingers play up the crevice between my cheeks, and slide down between my thighs. I open my legs, exposing myself to her, and she strokes my inner thighs with her fingertips. I draw a shuddering breath, and she lets her fingers trail up between my cheeks again. I raise my hips, offering myself to her. She lets her finger play over my bottom’s sit spot and I shudder again. Her fingertip traces around the sensitive skin, I twitch slightly. Very gently she draws her fingernail over it and I moan softly. “Please…” I whisper. She lets her finger trail down between my thighs once more, tickling the back of my legs. Slowly she withdrew her hand and I feel the hairbrush rest on my buttocks.
The smacking sound of contact, wood against skin echoes loudly. The sharp sting spreads quickly through my left buttock. My breath comes out in a soft gasp. Another smack accompanies a matching sting in my right buttock. My eyes close. The crack of wood against flesh fills my ears. The burning sting builds in my bottom. I shift, desperate for the sensations to cease. And with equal desperation, willing them to continue. The sting continues to build, as the terrible brush rises and falls like clockwork. It is too much. I thrust forward once more, knowing she can feel the stiffness against her thigh, but desperate to escape the stinging fire raining down on my bottom. As her soft skin brushes mine, a new desperation seizes me. I draw back, raising my hips to meet the next painful assault of the terrible, wonderful wood. The pain burns through my backside, as a new fire ignites in front. Again and again, I thrust forward, and back, meeting the fiery spanks above. As the heat builds, it mingles, until it is indistinguishable. The pain and the agonizing pleasure, all becoming one. The exquisite agony throbs through my body. Gasping as the pain and ecstasy rage through me, the crack of the brush coming faster, harder.
I collapse over her lap, breathing heavily. The wood, smooth, and soft, touching my skin. After a moment she puts the hairbrush down on the sofa. She raises her left hand, and I tense in anticipation. She brings it down with a sharp smack. I gasp, another smack, and another. I squirm, and as I raise my hips, smack, again and again. 

The sting is beginning to build in my backside now, but her left hand works deftly, Smack, smack, smack, smack, I am whimpering now, bucking wildly as she spanks me faster and faster. Smack smack smack smack… I moan and gasp. Smack smack smack smack smack smack…
Then just as suddenly as it started, it’s over. I collapse once more over her lap, panting. She rubs my tender cheeks which are bright pink from the stinging slaps. I lie still with eyes closed for several moments, breathing deeply, then slowly push myself up.
“Naughty boy,” she said, moving back, after we collapsed together on the sofa. I leaned my head against her chest and confessed to knowing about her, knowing that she liked things in the extreme. Confessed my curiosity. She smiled that devilish smile and stroked my hair away from my eyes. Then she cradled my head in her hands and said, “what do you expect when you invite a strange woman into your apartment…?”.
My kind of strange.

*Story inspired by “Whose Panties” by Allison Tyler


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Jul 302011
Thanks to The Very Bad Boy, for his continuing saga of David (and his formidable disciplinarian and wife, Ann).

More great stories from The Very Bad Boy:
‘The Wedding Gift’
‘The Wedding Gift: Returning Home’

*Make sure to click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of the visible text, to display the full story.

 “The Unexpected Visit”

I had just sat down in my easy chair; Ann was out of the house for the entire day. One of the weddings gifts we received included a certificate for a full day spa treatment at one of Dallas’s finest luxury day spas. I was more than happy to let Ann have the entire day to enjoy the gift especially as it allowed me to have the day to myself. My plan was to spend the day watching college football. It was rivalry week and the Saturday schedule featured some of the best college football rivalries. Just as the first football game was about to start I heard the sound of a car door closing, I did not pay much attention to it, as I knew Ann was gone all day and I was not expecting anyone to come by the house. Just before the kickoff the doorbell rang, I looked towards the door and thought who could possibly be at the door. I was not expecting anyone so I decided to ignore the doorbell and act as though no one was home. I waited for a few minutes as the doorbell rang another two times. After a few more moments, I thought whoever was at the door had given up and left. Just then, I heard the unmistakable sound of a key being inserted into the lock. I heard the door open and as I turned around to look, I saw Ann’s mother Mellissa standing in the doorway. 
                “So is this the way you plan on treating your mother-in-law? Do you really think it is a good idea to keep me waiting on the front porch while you hide in your chair trying to make me think you are not home?” I was a bit shocked; I was not expecting anyone to stop by the house today especially not Ann’s mother. As I stood up, I stammered “sorry Mellissa I didn’t realize you were at the door….umm… Ann is not here right now she …umm went to the day spa and… umm won’t be back until later this evening” “That’s ok David, I’m not here to see Ann, I’m here to see you. I figured you were not busy today so I thought I would stop by and have a little discussion with you while Ann is out. Why don’t you turn off the TV, there is nothing worth watching at this time of day anyway.” I stammered a bit more as I replied “As I said… uh Ann… umm Ann is not here so … Well… you know…, I just started watching the football game and it’s, it’s rivalry week… so… I was uh… planning on spending the day watching football.” Maybe you could come back later after… umm Ann returns from the spa later this evening.” Walking towards me she replied “Don’t be silly David, I already told you I am here to see you, so why don’t you turn off the TV so we can have a nice little chat.” Just then a loud cheer erupted from the television, I heard the announcer shouting something about one of the most fantastic catches he had ever witnessed. Without thinking, I turned towards the TV hoping to catch the replay. Looking back, I realize how unfortunate that seemingly simple decision was. “David! What in heaven’s name do you think you are doing? How dare you turn your back on me while I am talking to you, I suggest you turn the TV off right this minute!” I turned back towards Mellissa and uttered,” I’m… uh…umm sorry Mellissa, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful” and that is when I saw it a well-used wooden hairbrush sticking out of her handbag.

                Mellissa briskly walked over to me taking hold of my ear and led me across the room to the sofa. While I was use to Ann pulling my ear, Melissa had her own unique technique. Instead of grabbing the earlobe and pulling as Ann does, she grabs the earlobe and gives it a twist as she pulls upward. This caused a quick burning sensation and forced me to stand on my toes as she pulled me towards the sofa. As we approached the sofa, she twisted my earlobe just a bit more to emphasize she was in charge. As we reached the sofa, Mellissa hesitated just a moment before she sat down; she pulled down on my ear which caused me to awkwardly take a seat on the sofa. After sitting down she released my ear and placed her handbag on the coffee table. She gracefully crossed her legs in a feminine manner and elegantly placed her folded hands on the top of her knees and said, “Let’s have a little talk shall we?” 
“I’ve been meaning to talk with you about a few issues since you returned from Rome. Seeing as Ann is out all day, I think it is a perfect time for us to discuss these issues. I don’t know if you realized it or not, but Ann was noticeably irritated the day of the wedding. She overheard some of your groomsmen talking about your bachelor party. She was pretty upset about what she heard and was going to confront you, however, I intervened and told her to let it go and not let it ruin her perfect day.” I did not like where this conversation was heading especially as I told Ann I was just going to have a small party with a few friends. However, it turned out to be a bit bigger than I planned and it got out of hand when my best man announced he had hired a stripper to entertain us. I had promised Ann no matter what happens we would not have a stripper at the party. I knew I should have said something to Danny but he had already paid for the stripper and I thought to myself “what Ann does not know won’t hurt her”, anyway it was my bachelor party and it was not like I would ever hire a stripper myself. Mellissa continued, “I understand guys don’t always think very clearly especially when they are drinking. I also realize guys can make some incredibly foolish decisions from time to time, so I convinced Ann she should let it go. Besides, I told her I would talk to you about it and make sure you clearly understood that your behavior and choices you made were unacceptable.” I was worried as I glanced over to the coffee table and saw the well used wooden hairbrush sticking out of Mellissa’s handbag. She reached over to the handbag pulled out the hairbrush and placed it on the coffee table. She then reached into her handbag and pulled out an envelope, which I noticed right away, was from the hotel that Ann and I stayed and where we had the bachelor party.
“You know David; my intention was to just talk with you about the bachelor party. I wanted to reinforce the importance of being honest with Ann and to help you understand how important it is for you to respect her wishes. As I said earlier, I understand how young men can lose control of their common sense from time to time so I was not going to make a big deal out of your juvenile and imprudent behavior. But then I received this letter from the hotel while you and Ann were in Rome and well…to be honest, the letter has caused me to reconsider my plan for you.” She handed me the letter, by this time I was so nervous that I just skimmed the letter. I stopped however when I saw an itemized list of charges which totaled $1800.00. As I looked over the list, I noticed the charges included a broken bathroom mirror, a broken ceiling fan, a broken chair, 2 missing bathrobes, missing bath towels and a missing TV remote. To top it off there was also a $250.00 mini bar bill and a $4000.00 room service bill. I just stared at the bill for a few moments trying to think of something to say. All I could think of was how mad Ann was going to be when she saw the bill; I knew I was going to find myself back over Ann’s lap for another long hard spanking. Well, I did end up getting a long spanking that day but to my complete astonishment, it was not from Ann. 
“David, there are some behaviors I can overlook but one thing I cannot overlook is financial irresponsibility. I know you and Ann cannot afford to pay this $1800.00 bill from the hotel can you” I looked at Mellissa and timidly answered “no ma’am” she replied, “well, I figured that to be the case, so I decide I would go ahead and pay the bill for you.” I looked at her and managed to say “I promise I’ll pay you back, I am really sorry about” Mellissa cut me off in midsentence and said “I don’t expect you to pay me back, I do however imagine that by the end of the day you will wish I had insisted that you pay me back. Well, on second thought you are going to pay me back but just not the way you think.” With that, Mellissa stood up, pointed to the far corner of the room, and said I think it would be a good idea for you to stand in the corner for a little while and think about your behavior. While you are standing in the corner, I am going to get my attaché case out of the car and when I return we will continue our little discussion.” 
I heard Mellissa place something on the coffee table but I was too scared to look over my shoulder to see what it was. I heard the sound of a latch opening and the clatter of items being placed on the coffee table. I was still unsure what Mellissa was planning but I had a sinking feeling it was not going to be anything good. I thought there was no way Ann’s mother would spank me. I figured she would wait until Ann came home, show her the letter from the hotel, and let Ann take care of punishing me. Unfortunately I could not have been any more wrong, I was about to find out just how painful a spanking can be when given by someone with many years of spanking experience. I would soon discover that a spanking could be unbearably painful without being particularly hard. Often times a prolonged serious of lighter swats landing on the same exact spot can cause even the toughest man to quickly breakdown. Unfortunately, this was something Ann would eventually learn herself and would become very skilled at doing.
Mellissa called me over to the sofa, as I made my way over to her I glanced at the coffee table and noticed she had laid out a number of implements which I would soon learn to despise. The first implement I saw was the well used wooden hairbrush, it was newer than the one Ann used however it showed its age as it was used many times over the years. I eventually learned there was more than one family hairbrush and from time to time, a new brush was introduced to the family. The brush that Mellissa has custody of was handed down from her Aunt Judith; she gave Mellissa the brush a few weeks before her wedding and taught her how to use it. The brush was one of the newer family brushes at the time. Aunt Judith was a very skilled disciplinarian and was known as one of the hardest spankers in the family. In fact, it was not unusual for Aunt Judith to “help out” the other family members from time to time when the wives had trouble keeping their husbands under control. Aunt Judith was known to break a hairbrush once in awhile over the erring bottom of a yet submissive husband. The brush Mellissa received was only a few years old at the time but after twenty-five years of marriage and constant use, it was beginning to develop the shiny surface that many of the older brushes displayed after many years of use. 
Next to the hairbrush was a large leather strap, it too was well used and was very supple, I could tell it was properly cared for and was frequently oiled to ensure the leather stayed soft and flexible. Next to the leather strap was a long thin wooden paddle it was as wide as a ruler and about 24 inches long, I would soon learn it produced a very unpleasant sting. Next to the wooden paddle was a large clear paddle, which I discovered was made of lexan a very strong but flexible material that produce a very painful sting. Next to the lexan paddle were two canes one was a rattan cane and the other was a thin fiberglass cane. I had not had the displeasure of experiencing a fiberglass cane but if it hurt as much as a rattan cane, I knew for sure I would not like it as I do not like canes. 
Standing in front of Mellissa, she motioned me closer towards her and reached out to unbuckle my belt. I was still in denial that she was going to spank me so I just stood there somewhat passively; it was not until she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down that I finally accepted the reality that she was in fact going to spank me. I took a small step back but before I could get too far she reached over and grabbed hold of my shorts pulling me back towards her and at the same time pulling my shorts down. I immediately reached down to cover myself up; Mellissa simply responded by saying “silly boy do you think you have something I have never seen before? I am not interested in what you have in front I am interested in your back side”. She then grabbed my left wrist and with one smooth tug brought me down across her lap. I landed across her knees with my chest resting on the sofa, she adjusted her position, and with her left arm she pulled me snug against her waist. She stopped for a moment to admire the cane marks that were fading from the last time Ann had given me a spanking. She rubbed my bum for a moment and mentioned that Ann was doing a good job at disciplining me. She reached over to the coffee table and picked up the wooden hairbrush. She paused to look at the brush and said, “Well old friend, it looks as though we have our work cut out for us” and with that I felt the first of many painful swats that would land on my bare bottom that day. 
Mellissa continued to use the hairbrush until my bum was a nice crimson red; she made sure every area of my bum received equal treatment. I could feel the heat radiating off every part of my bottom and although it hurt it did not compare to the pain I was about to experience when she switched to the wooden paddle. She picked up the thin wooden paddle and adjusted me across her lap at an angle so my right thigh was up a little higher. This gave her a clear shot at my upper thigh and allowed her to land some very well aimed slaps on a very sensitive area. While Ann was a good spanker, she tended to concentrate most of her swats on the middle section of my bum, which hurt a lot but over time would become numb. Mellissa was not going to allow my bum to go numb she concentrated on one area until she noticed I was not responding as well as I had when she first started, then she would move to another area. While using the hairbrush Mellissa had a heavier hand making sure each blow landed with a solid thud, which produced a well spread out sting. However, when she used the thin wooden paddle she was a lot softer. With the hairbrush, she would land each blow in a different spot, but with the thin paddle, she concentrated on one single spot, landing blow after blow on the same spot, which quickly led to an agonizing sting. 
She began slowly, allowing each burning blow to fade before landing the next one. Each blow produced a concentrated sting that quickly dissipated. I noticed after a minute or so she increased her speed but kept the intensity the same. This resulted in a longer lasting sting that did not fully fade away before the next blow landed. This caused the stinging to buildup creating a longer and more sustained sting. After another minute or so, she increased the speed again but kept the intensity unchanged. By this time the stinging sensation was giving way to a deep burning sensation, the burn traveled deeper than the sting and I found myself trying to get away from the constant blows, which were landing in the same location. I tried to move my hips just a little to make the blows land in a different place, but she seemed to anticipate my every move as she simply adjusted her aim to allow each blow to continue landing on the same spot. By now, I was making a lot of noise as I tried to compensate for the pain, the pain increased to the point where it was now an agonizing throbbing pain. I cried out for Mellissa to stop, I tried rolling from side to side but each time I did she just held me tighter. I tried arching my back hoping to deflect the blows to another area, but she merely dug her elbow into the middle of my back causing me to lie back down across her lap. Finally, the pain was so intense all I could do was to simply go limp and try my best to endure the unrelenting burning sting. After a few minutes of this unrelenting spanking, my mind began to go numb and I stopped responding at all, it was at this point she moved to another area and began the entire process again. The combination of steady intensity with increasing speed made it feel like an eternity before she moved to another area. When she finally moved to another spot she gave me just enough time before starting again to think about why I was getting a spanking and boy did I ever regret making the decision to allow the bachelor party to get out of hand.     
At last she laid the thin paddle on the coffee table and gave me a small nudge telling me to stand up. By this time, I was no longer concerned with my mother-in-law seeing all that God had given me; I was more concerned with trying to rub the pain out of my bum. When Mellissa stood up, she reached over and took the leather strap off the coffee table, and led me by the arm to the dining room. She led me to our small wooden table and pulled the side chair away from the table. She pointed to the table and told me to bend over the top of the table and grab hold of the other side. As I bent over the table she spread my feet apart so they where about shoulder length apart. With her right hand she held onto the strap’s handle and with her left hand she held the tip of the strap. She brought both the strap and her hand back and with a quick snapping motion she let go of the tip and brought the strap across my stretched out bum. Unlike the blows from the hairbrush and the paddle, the leather strap was free to land wherever it chose. The strap landed with a resounding smack and the follow through left a nice long slender red mark on my bum. I yelled out in pain and stood up quickly rubbing the spot where the strap landed. Mellissa reached over and pushed me back down on the table. “David I suggest you maintain your position, you don’t want to see what happens if you get up again.” she reached back and landed another blow on my bum, again I stood up but before I could reach behind me to rub the spot where the strap landed she quickly landed another blow on my lower leg. I yelped in pain as the leather strap dug into my tender skin leaving an immediate bruise, the pain seemed to linger for the longest time. It only took one swat across my lower leg to realize the foolishness of standing up. By this time my bum was throbbing and blazing hot and I could not find any relief from the unbearable pain.  
Mellissa walked over to the coffee table and looked at the two canes. She picked up the rattan cane and swished it through the air. She then picked up the thin fiberglass cane and did the same thing, looking at both the canes, she decided on the thin whippy fiberglass one. As she walked back to the dining room table she said “David I think you are going to find this little fiberglass cane to be very unpleasant. However, I think it will be just the right implement to deal with your immature behavior. What do you think, should we go with one stroke for every dollar I have to pay the hotel?” I froze with fear; did she really intend to give me 1800 strokes with the cane? Mellissa looked at me and saw the fear in my eyes and she gave a little laugh. “relax Doll, I may be a harsh disciplinarian but I am not a sadist,let’s just go with 18, how does that sound” I wish I could say I was relived but the thought of 18 cane strokes was something I did not think I could handle. The spanking thus far had been extremely painful I was at the end of my endurance. I meekly replied “I…I think…I have learned my lesson Ma’am, I am very sorry for … uh… my immature behavior, please I… umm don’t think I can take any more.” Mellissa was lightly rubbing my swollen bum, the marks where the strap had landed were clearly visible and the area where the wooden paddle landed was beginning to bruise. She gave my bum a few quick pats and replied “come on David, I think you can take a few more, you certainly are mature enough to accept your punishment, even though your behavior may have been juvenile, I know you can take these 18 cane strokes. 
 “Go ahead and spread your legs a bit more, I want a nice target to aim at” I hesitated for just a moment, I thought about not doing what she said and keeping my legs where they were. Mellissa viewed any hesitation as disobedience and she dealt with any disobedience immediately. Taking the cane, she began to whip it back and forth between my legs in a fast side-to-side motion. She started with the upper inner thighs and slowly worked her way down to the ankles. The quick side-to-side whipping action of the thin cane caused a severe stinging sensation almost like bee stings. Maintaining the quick side-to-side whipping motion, she continued her downward journey with the thin cane in a very slow and methodical fashion. The pain was building so fast that I found it hard to stand still, by the time she reached my lower legs it took all my control to keep from jumping from foot to foot. The combination of the intensity of the constant stinging and the quick side-to-side whipping action finally caused my legs to buckle. “Why are you making this so hard on yourself, darling? I would think by now you would do anything I ask so we could get this spanking over with, but I guess sometime naughty boys just have a hard time obeying.” When she reached my ankles she slowly began to make her way back up my inner legs. I was crying out in pain and jumping from foot to foot trying to find some relief from the unrelenting stinging that was coming from the cane strikes. Tears began to well up in my eyes as I cried out to her to stop. Mellissa looked at me and said “it looks as though you have learned your lesson about obeying when you are told to do something” Lets hurry and get this over with and with that she proceeded to lay 18 well aimed strokes with the cane. Each stroke landed with a stinging blow, which lingered for a few moments before giving way to a deep burning sensation that traveled from the depth of the skin to the surface. Each stroke of the cane reinforced my aversion for canes. 
The perfectly lined cane marks gradually transformed into welts, each stroke landing just a fraction of an inch from where the pervious stroke landed forming a swell of welts resembling tiny speed bumps on my bottom. Mellissa reached down and leisurely ran her fingernails over the forming welts. “These welts are shaping up nicely and just in time for us to take care of one more small issue” she walked over to the coffee table and picked up the lexan paddle. “I don’t think you have ever felt a lexan paddle before have you?” While Lexan is nearly impossible to break it does have a nice flexible quality to it, which provides sort of a springing action as it makes contact with the bum. “What I really like about lexan is that it is clear, which means I get a nice clear view of your bum reacting to each blow.” She placed her left hand on the small of my back and placed the lexan paddle directly over the forming welts. She lifted the paddle and lightly tapped the welts. I could immediately tell a full swing landing on the welts would send waves of excruciating pain across my entire bum. I vainly cried out “please ma’am don’t use the paddle, I can’t take any more, I promise I will never misbehave like that again.” Nevertheless, my pleas went unheeded as she lifted the paddle and brought it crashing down across the welts. I instantly stiffened as waves of sharp piercing pain shot through my aching bum. I nearly collapsed as the waves of insufferable pain spread deeply across my bum. “I suspect David you will give me your full attention when I talk to you and not decide that a ridiculous football game is more important than what I have to say.” She lifted the paddle again and proceeded to give me ten swats with the lexan paddle, each swat finding its mark on the bruised and throbbing welts. When she finally stopped I fell to the floor grasping my bum praying that somehow I could make the pain go away. However, it was a very long time before the pain and the memory of the first spanking I received from my mother-in-law would fade away.
Later that evening Ann returned from her spa appointment, as she walked through the door she saw her mother sitting on the sofa. “Hey mom I didn’t expect to see you today, didn’t David tell you I had a spa appointment?” Melissa replied with a slight smile, “I actually come over to have a little chat with David, we had a few things to talk about and I thought today would be a good day to further enhance our relationship.” I looked up at Ann and she gave me a little quizzical smile and I simply returned her smile as I carefully adjusted my position on the sofa.” Ann come over and gave me a kiss and said, “You will have to tell me all about the discussion you and mom had today.” As she gave her mother a quick glance and a wink, I noticed Ann was wearing the red ribbon from the special wedding gift in her hair. 
The next morning my bum was so sore I could hardly walk, by this time the bruises had darkened and the stinging pain had given way to a lingering aching pain. The welts were still red and very painful and continued to shoot waves of pain across my bum with each step I took. As I walked into the kitchen I picked up the Sunday paper and noticed that all the teams I was pulling for yesterday shared a common experience with me, we each received a severe beating at the hands of a far superior rival.         

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Jul 292011


This is blog post number 103. Thank you again and again for reading, commenting, and participating.


Occasionally, I have the opportunity to sit still and catch up on the other blogs which I enjoy reading.  While perusing Serving B recently, I stumbled upon a posting that I had not noticed previously, titled ‘Shout Out to Dana Kane’. Serving B has written a very kind commentary on me and my blog, and I am thoroughly complimented. I am also slightly mortified that it’s taken me quite so long to read and acknowledge this kindness…my apologies and many thanks to Serving B.


Another reader sent me a link in response to my post ‘F/M Spanking Scenes in Media’
Called ‘Again’, a Footlocker advertisement from 2010, this one is spanking parody gold. Linked from YouTube.

My most recent survey – Let’s Talk Spanking – has received 347 responses. 
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63% enjoy incorporating Corner Time into spanking play.

29% of you are exclusive with your spanking partner.

I’ve gratefully received many rave reviews of the blog, it’s format, and content. I have also received a few well-thought critiques, for which I am equally grateful. I will continue to make improvements and provide new and original content (with a lot of help from wonderful readers and contributors).




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Jul 272011

He thinks that we are headed out to attend a dinner party..but I have more important things to attend first.  Namely, his near-constant brattiness – and a stern warning to be on his best behavior for the remainder of the evening (we’ll see about that).    

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Jul 252011
New Dana Kane Spanking Video:

 –  Before the Party  –
I will embed the video here soon as the encoding is done.   – Dana
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