The Very Bad Boy and his Wonderful Wife

Readers, Having arrived home in Los Angeles after a fantastic visit to New York City and Boston, I am exhausted and completely high on life (and spanking!). Where to begin?  Let’s start with one of the most fun and interesting characters in the ongoing chronicles of Dana Kane Spanks: The Very Bad Boy. As you […]

Japanese television Spanking demonstration

I do not often cross-post media, but thought that this little Japanese television spanking clip was fun:    – Dana While I have no idea which words are actually being used, it is pretty easy to get the gist of the conversation:‘This is the proper way to spank.’‘Ooh, that stings! May I try?’‘Sure.’‘Like this?’‘Sort of. […]

The Governess Makes a Discovery

From our UK Laureate, ‘The Governess Makes a Discovery’…and he’s up to his usual form with another amazingly written F/M spanking story. (The asterisks are my edits, for slightly sensitive content.)   – DanaUK Laureate’s other writings: The Ballad of Lord HazlemereThe Blue UmbrellaThe Governess Makes A DiscoveryLondon, 1910.Grace Bennett was nervous as she knocked […]

‘Beth’ – Original F/M Spanking Fiction

Our Cowboy Writer strikes again. For the rest of Cowboy Writer’s stories:Taming the CowboyTaming the Cowboy II: The Cowboy’s RevengeSchool for HusbandsTiffany ***** ‘Beth’ CHAPTER 1 Beth allowed herself a satisfied smile as she put away her best china and cleared the table. Her tea party with the three ladies from the Women’s’ Guild went […]

The Wedding Gift: Returning Home

Readers,This is the second part of ‘The Wedding Gift’, submitted by The Very Bad Boy. As you know, he is no stranger to punishment, so it comes as no surprise that he writes so well on the subject. Enjoy~– Dana ***** “The Wedding Gift: Returning Home” The flight back from Rome was uneventful, we spent […]

New M/F Spanking Story: ‘PPT’ Contest

It never ceases to amaze me – the time and creativity undertaken by readers who decide to participate in the writing contests. I do sincerely hope to have each and every one of them over my knee…my way of showing gratitude. Here is another great entry from the ‘Person Place and Thing’ Contest. In this (untitled) […]

Travel Notice: OTK Chicago

I am currently planning a visit to Chicago (my first) for mid-July. Tentative playdates are Thursday the 14th through Saturday the 16th. Email me for details and scheduling.   – Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

New Dana Kane Video – Teaser!

It has been too long since he was spanked, and that was obvious today, as he just could not manage to stop giggling. This new tactic didn’t stop me from giving him a nice, hard hand spanking…followed by a little corner time.  ‘Laugh, Funny Boy…laugh’ I will post up the video soon as I’ve completed […]

Spanking Survey Stats, and a couple more photos

Here are some of the statistics from 200+ responses to the ‘Let’s Talk Spanking’ Survey which I’ve received so far: The vast majority of respondents are spanking bottoms, with 34% replying that they mostly receive but occasionally like to give a spanking, and 32% replying that they are strictly bottoms. Conversely, only two percent of respondents […]

Spanking Pop Art

A few minutes with an OTK photo of mine rendered some interesting results. I’m thinking it may be fun to use a series of these type photos to build a little online spanking graphic novel. Thoughts?   – Dana Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

New Photos, and a camera disaster

After waiting impatiently for entirely too long, the new camcorder arrived last week, and as these things often happen, was immediately put aside for more pressing matters. When I finally decided to have a go at it…I realized that I had ordered the wrong damned camera. While it’s a fine camera, it is most definitely […]

The Ballad of Lord Hazlemere – A Spanking must-read!

Readers,Having received this piece, titled ‘The Ballad of Lord Hazlemere’, a few days ago, I’ve spent some time deciding how to present it to you. Written by the same author who gave us ‘The Blue Umbrella’, this is another genuinely enjoyable read – and so very much more….because this story is written entirely in rhyming […]

Travel Notice – NYC and Boston, June 23-29

I will be visiting New York City – June 23-26,  and Boston – June 27-29.  Availability is strictly limited.  Email for scheduling: As always, I will be making very select appointments for double sessions with my friend Ms. Mona Rogers.  Elegant, beautiful, and a highly-adept spanker, Mona also excels at advanced role-play scenarios, and […]

Caning the Little Sister

She and her older sister just cannot seem to mind the rules of their mother’s house… In her first year of college, Sybil’s grades have tanked. She and her sister throw wild parties and trash the house every time mom goes out of town on business.  Mom has had enough. So she took her daughters […]

Seeking Video Bottoms for Dana Kane

In upcoming weeks, I will begin filming my first full-length spanking videos.  The little cam and lights have arrived, and I have some great ideas for the scenes which I would like to shoot. While this is in no way a full-tilt professional production (I DID say ‘little cam’, after all…), I look forward to creating […]

Winner of the ‘Person Place and Thing’ Contest

The ‘Person Place and Thing’ Spanking Story Contest was tough: it required time, research, and a lot of creativity. While I received only a handful of entries, each one was just as enjoyable as the one before, and I have realized that having a few outstanding entries makes the decision-making tough, tough, tough.I am posting […]