May 312011
Our illustrious ‘Cowboy’ writer has done it again…here is yet another beautifully written F/M spanking story.
(As usual with these stories, I have used asterisks to edit any overly risque sex language.)
– Dana

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School For Husbands

Chapter 1

Kate’s face lit up with a smile when her long time friend and
neighbor Sonia popped her head in the kitchen door.
“Come on in and sit down Sonia…. coffee’s almost ready!” she said.
Sonia smiled and gave her friend a hug before sitting down for their
Saturday morning coffee ritual.

Kate was a tall, willowy brunette with long dark hair.
A pair of bright and piercing blue eyes hid behind a pair of dark
rimmed glasses.

Sonia was an attractive blonde and her short frame housed a well
toned but curvy figure.
Both were Elementary Schoolteachers in their early 40’s.

“What’s Lou up to today?” Sonia asked.
Kate rolled her eyes at the mere mention of her husband’s name.
“Probably watching baseball all day while I get things done around
Kate’s husband Lou was a tall, muscular man who worked hard all week
in construction and enjoyed winding down on the weekends.
Although balding on top he still maintained his handsome swarthy

“Tell me about it ” Sonia sighed.
“Brendan is off on another fishing trip with his buddies!”
Sonia and Brendan were High School sweethearts.
Brendan was a busy lawyer who worked long hours and enjoyed his
fishing trips to unwind from a stressful week.
He still had lots of curly blonde hair and his lanky frame was well
toned from his daily workouts and morning runs.

“Have you tried talking to Lou to get him to do his share of the
household chores and perhaps even spending some time with you?”
Sonia asked as Kate poured her coffee.
“That’s only part of the problem Sonia….” Kate replied.
“He’s so darn inconsiderate and rude all the time it would only make
things worse if I brought that up”
Sonia frowned.
“Ditto…..I know these guys work hard all week and have a lot of
stress but taking us for granted like this is not acceptable.”

Kate frowned and sat down at the table.
“As if there is anything we can do to change them Sonia!” she sighed.
Her friend smiled back at her mischievously.
“Your darn right there is something we can do Kate and we are
perfectly qualified to do it”
Kate raised a curious eyebrow to ask Sonia to explain.
“We’re Schoolteachers Kate!
We spend all year teaching little boys to behave…..and we are very
good at it by the way .” Sonia began.
“When you get right down to it Lou and Brendan are little boys in a
grown man’s body.
Problem is there is nobody to put them in their place.
Deep down they’re yearning for a strong woman to take charge of
them!” she concluded.

Kate’s face had a look of shock and amusement upon hearing her
friend’s comments.
“Come on Sonia.
You can’t be serious.
I agree that those two behave like kids sometimes but they’re grown

Sonia interrupted
“…..Grown men who need discipline and taught a few lessons!
Do you want to hear my plan or not?”
Kate pondered for a second and then smiled broadly.
“Let’s hear it!” she said.


Sonia giggled with excitement as she opened the folder she had
brought with her and pulled out some papers.
Kate immediately recognized the documents as similar to those she
had seen when planning classes at school such as lesson plans,
report cards, etc.
When she looked at them more closely she began to understand Sonia’s
plan for the first time.
Sonia had designed a school for husbands with she and Kate as the
teachers and Lou and Brendan as the pupils!
She loved it.

The pair poured over the documents enthusiastically as they downed
their coffee and muffins making changes and exchanging ideas.
After about an hour they both sat back and looked at each other in
“This will work ” Kate declared.

There were still a few weeks of summer holidays left so Sonia and
Kate met daily to refine and implement their plan,
Lou had built a large room in their basement some time ago for Kate
to use as an office but as usual it was left unfinished.
The pair decided this would be the ideal location for their “Husband
School” and went about setting it up as a classroom.
Even when the two men visited the basement when the couples got
together they did not even notice the changes.
Soon everything was ready and only the final and toughest task
remained – breaking the news of their plan to Lou and


“Don’t forget we’re going to Kate and Lou’s place for lunch today
Bren ” Sonia said as she handed her husband a plate of bacon and
Brendan took the plate and placed a hand on his wife’s curvy
derriere, slid it up under her short housecoat and squeezed her
right buttock.
“I’d like to have a large portion of this for dessert ” he whispered
in her ear as she let out a squeal.
“Bren! Stop that at once!” she said firmly as she removed his hand.

Brendan chuckled and planted a kiss on Sonia’s full lips.
“I love it when you’re strict with me honey ” he whispered.
Sonia’s face lit up on hearing the words but she said nothing.

Meanwhile Lou and Kate were in the middle of a heated argument.
“Why didn’t you tell me about this before I made plans to play ball
with the guys Kate? ” Lou yelled.
Kate’s face flushed red.
“Because you never listen anyway Lou!” she screamed back.
Lou picked up a dishtowel and threw it angrily to the floor.
“Dammit” he scowled as he began to pace.
He was stopped in his tracks when his right ear lob was pinched
between Kate’s thumb and forefinger.
“OW!” he yelled as Kate pulled roughly on his ear lowering his head
to her eye level.
“Are you ready to talk politely now?” she asked as she tightened her
Kate released her grip.
“I’m going to get some groceries.
I suggest you call your friends and tell them you can’t go to the
game.” She said firmly as she left Lou to nurse his sore ear.


The two couples always got along well together so the BBQ Lunch was
a very enjoyable affair.
After eating it was time for the ladies o launch their plan.
As their men sprawled in front of the television nursing their beers
Kate and Sonia went into their newly completed classroom and locked
the door.

They busily set the scene and prepared the room before changing into
more appropriate attire.
Shorts, tank tops and sandals where replaced with low cut shirts,
knee high tight skirts and heels.
For complete authenticity the pair had gone lingerie shopping the
day before and underneath their outfits they wore silk underwear,
garter belts and stockings.
To finish they tied their hair up and donned glasses to complete
the “Teacher” look.
Satisfied with the room and their appearance Kate and Sonia hugged
and took a deep breath as they called out for their husbands to join

As expected their menfolk took a while to respond, finally leaving
the comfort of their seats on the 3rd and loudest command.
It did not occur to them why their wives were beckoning them so
seriously to an unfinished room but it soon became clear when they
casually opened the door.

Kate and Sonia stood behind a large antique desk at the front of the
authentic looking classroom looking very stern as the men entered.
Two smaller desks with modest wooden chairs sat together in front of
the large desk.
Behind the large desk was a large blackboard on a pedestal and
beside it a large wooden cupboard.
Adorning the walls around the room were various posters and charts
showing the lessons to be taught and progress made.

Brendan and Lou were speechless as they eyed their wives and
surveyed the room.
Finally Sonia broke the silence and began to explain the plan to the
“Please be seated at your desks gentlemen, ” she said gesturing them
to the two desks in the middle of the room.
Still surveying their surroundings, without a word Lou and Brendan
walked slowly forward and sat down at their desks as instructed.
It was only then that the two men opened their mouths to speak but
were quickly silenced by their wives who put fingers to their mouths
in unison.
“When you are in this room you will speak only when spoken to or
given permission to speak.
Is that understood?” Kate announced in a deep, firm voice.
“I said is that understood?” she repeated.
The two men were startled and mumbled back ” Yes”.
Kate raised an eyebrow and took a step toward her students.
“Yes…. what …gentlemen?” she said.
“Oh…yes Ma’am” Lou and Brendan chirped back.

Without further delay Sonia stepped forward to explain the plan.
`Husband’ school would be held every Saturday from 9am until 3pm.
Subjects included were courtesy, consideration, honesty, housework &
chores, communication, etc.
She also emphasized that they would work on correcting specific
issues and faults.
There would be homework assigned and a weekly report card issued.

The men were surprised to hear that there was even a school uniform
consisting of a plain white T-shirt and shorts.
Kate held up their uniforms to show them.
The shorts were basically a pair of tight spandex material underwear.
At this point Lou courageously put up a hand.
“Yes Lou?” Kate said giving him permission to speak.
“Well….its underwear…. why do we have to wear that?” he asked.
Kate tried to hide a smile as she glanced over at Sonia.
“Sonia was just getting to that” she answered.

Sonia took a breath and continued.
“As you can see gentlemen this institution has quite a few rules and
they must be observed.
Experience tells us that students will on occasion disobey or break
these rules so to discourage this there must be consequences.
Sonia paused and nodded to Kate who opened the doors of the large
Inside hung a number of long canes with curved handles, wooden
paddles and leather straps.
Lou and Brendan looked at each other and swallowed hard.

“The school will employ corporal punishment gentlemen.
The implement used and number of strokes will depend on the offence.
All punishments will be on the buttocks in front of the class.
This is the reason for the tight shorts as a uniform as it will save
time in having to remove clothing and will make the punishment more
effective and lasting.
Do you have any questions gentlemen?” Sonia concluded.

Brendan and Lou were still in a state of shock as they tried to take
in what had just occurred and were speechless.
“In that case our first lesson will commence immediately gentlemen.
Please change into your uniforms- and do not dither” Kate announced
Sonia and Kate could not conceal their pride or amusement as they
watched their strong husbands shuck off their jeans and change into
their “uniforms”.
“Good choice ” Sonia whispered to Kate as they studied how good
their mans’ butts looked in the tight white shorts.


Lou and Brendan slid behind their desks as Kate handed them both a
piece of paper.
“We’ll start by both of you listing your 10 worst faults – you have
5 minutes ” she said.
The husbands scratched their heads and chewed the ends of their
pencils as they pondered the exercise and occasionally jotted things
“Pencils down!” Kate ordered at the end of 5 minutes and strode
behind her students to look at their answers.
Brendan had managed to list 4 faults and Lou only 3.

“Let’s start with you Brendan.
Sonia, show him your list” Kate said.
Sonia started writing a list of Brendan’s faults on the blackboard
until it was full.
She picked up Brendan’s list and studied it before crumpling the
paper and throwing it in the wastebasket.
“I don’t believe you’re taking this seriously Brendan.
Come here!” she ordered turning around to open the cupboard.
She pulled out a long thin cane and began swishing it menacingly.
“Six of the best.
Bend over and touch your toes” she ordered.
Brendan started to mouth something but stopped when Sonia barked out
“Bend over this minute or I’ll double the dose!”

Brendan assumed the position and felt the material of his shorts
tighten against his backside as he stretched down to touch his toes.
Lou looked on with his jaws agape as Sonia stood beside her husband
and lined up the cane squarely across her target.
She raised her arm and with an expert flick of the wrist lashed the
cane against his friend’s scantily clad rear.
Brendan yelped and straightened up clutching his seat.
“Jeez that hurt!” he complained.
Sonia glared at him impatiently.
“I don’t recall giving you permission to stand up.
Now bend over and remain bent over.
I will start over.”

Brendan bent over again and this time Sonia took a step back for
more power.
She delivered 3 hard strokes in rapid succession producing a loud
trio of
“OW” s from her husband.
Sonia paused to let the sting set in and stepped back to deliver a
single, harder stroke.
Brendan grunted and was clearly having trouble staying in position
as he awaited the final 2 strokes.
But his wife was in no rush.

He could feel the stinging intensify inside his shorts as time
Sonia lined up the cane teasingly before delivering the final two
and hardest strokes.
Brendan howled and bucked forward as he jumped to his feet clutching
his rear with both hands.
Sonia looked at him ” Sit down and write down those faults 10 times.
You’d better have them memorized by next week mister!” she seethed.
Brendan hobbled to his seat and sat down.
He shot back up as his tender rear touched the hard stool.
“Sit down I said or I’ll give you another six!” Sonia scolded.
Brendan grimaced as he eased himself onto his seat and began writing.

Lou looked up at Kate as she examined his list.
She slowly tore it into pieces as he looked on.
“Hardly worthwhile reading is it Lou?'” she said.
“No Ma’am” he replied meekly.
Lou squirmed on his seat as he watched Kate list his 10 faults on
the blackboard beside Brendan’s.
Kate finished and turned around to face Lou.
“Get up here and face the board.” She yelled.
Sonia chuckled to herself as she watched this strong, tough man
scramble to his feet and scurry to the board.
“Study them hard Lou” Kate said as she reached for a thick leather
strap in the cupboard.

She stepped behind Lou and placing a hand in the waistband of his
shorts roughly yanked them down to his knees to reveal his muscular
buttocks and thighs.
Brendan gasped at the sight before him.
“Bend over the desk” Kate ordered curtly.
Lou leaned over the desk and stuck out his bare butt.
“Read them out – one at a time ” Kate ordered as she folded the
strap to her liking.

Lou read out the first fault and was rewarded with a resounding
whack of the strap across his bare backside.
“AAAAW” he moaned as he bucked forward.
“Now the next one” Kate said calmly.
Lou read each one of the remaining faults and received a hefty whack
of the strap after each one.
At the end the thick red outlines of the strap were was painted
on his behind .
“Now sit down and start writing ” Kate ordered.
Lou grimaced as he restored his shorts and moaned as he sat down.

Both husbands squirmed uncomfortably until their task was complete.
“That concludes the first lesson gentlemen.
You may remove your uniforms” Sonia announced.
Painfully Lou and Brandon shuffled to the corner where their clothes
hung and eased themselves out of their uniforms.

The women admired their husbands’ nakedness lustily.
Brendan’s backside was red and striped from the cane and Lou’s still
a blazing red from the strap.
As the men reached for their clothes two female hands stopped them.
Brendan and Lou turned around and their faces lit up at the sight
before them.

Sonia and Kate had removed their dresses and stood seductively
before them wearing only black silk panties, garter belt, stockings
and heels.
They each melted into the arms of their naked husbands and kissed
them passionately.
Their men needed no encouragement.
Lou picked up Kate and sat her on top of the antique desk while
Sonia leapt into Brendan’s arms and wrapped her legs around his
The classroom was soon filled with groans and squeals of ecstasy as
the two couples made passionate love in the “classroom”


“I’d say that went rather well – cheers ” Sonia chirped as she
clinked her wineglass against Kate’s.
“I’ll drink to that!” Kate chimed.
It was day 2 since the inaugural lesson of their “Husband School”
and the two teachers were getting together to compare notes.
Kate reported that Lou’s attitude had changed almost immediately.
He still spent a lot of time watching and playing sports but had
started to help out with the housework and his language and demeanor
were more polite.
Sonia had a similar tale to tell and Brendan was even coming home
from work earlier and calling her during the day.

Another thing the wives agreed on was that their husbands were very
aware that they were keeping score and a report card would be issued
at Saturday’s upcoming lesson.
Both Lou and Brendan were consulting the list of faults they had
copied down on a daily basis to prepare for Saturday’s test.

The ladies also happily reported that their husbands were still
feeling the effects of the punishment they received at school.
“Lou still has some marks on his backside and the tops of his thighs
so he is skipping his visits to the gym for now in case someone
spots them in the shower!” Kate revealed.
Sonia laughed.
“Brendan still has the stripes from the caning ” she added proudly.
“He had to spend all day yesterday at a meeting and blamed his
constant squirming on a bad back! If only they knew his wife had
caned his backside!

Sonia topped up their glasses with more wine as they started to work
on the next lesson.


Sonia tapped her toes impatiently on the tiled floor of the
classroom as she eyed the clock on the wall.
Kate stood with arms folded looking sternly at the door awaiting the
appearance of Lou and Brendan.
It was 9.10am and the men were told clearly that class started at
9.00am sharp.
Kate and Sonia had already been there since 7.30am preparing for the
Two more minutes passed before the door opened and Lou and Brendan
meekly entered.

Their wives did not have to say a word as the expression on their
faces said it all.
The leather paddles in their wives hands made it clear what was in
store for their tardiness.
Sonia and Kate strode forward and pulled out the chairs at their
husbands’ desks and sat on them.
Each woman beckoned their man to stand beside them with a curled
index finger.
Once Brendan and Lou were standing obediently at their wife’s side
their shorts were lowered to their knees.
The women looked at their men sternly as they patted their laps in
Without a word Brendan and Lou draped themselves over the laps.

The sound of leather slapping bare skin filled the room and it was
not long before the howls and yells of Brendan and Lou added to the
They squirmed and kicked their legs to no avail as Sonia and Kate
blistered their bottoms with the paddles.

The lesson commenced with Brendan and Lou sitting most uncomfortably
as they wrote, ” I will be punctual ” 100 times in their notebook.
The day did not get any better for the two men as they moved on to
the test on their faults.
Their Teachers had added a little curve to the test asking their
students not only to list their 10 faults but also to write how they
can improve.
The task proved to be quite a challenge for the pair.
For their feeble efforts they both received 6 stinging strokes of
the cane on the seat of their shorts which added considerably to the
discomfort in their already well-walloped backsides.

The lesson on courtesy went well until Brendan added his sarcastic
remarks and Lou constantly interrupted asking to break for lunch.
The two gentlemen ate lunch standing up after receiving another 6
strokes of the cane – this time on the bare bottom!

Having had enough of their husbands’ stubbornness Kate and Sonia
held nothing back and made sure the caning was one they would
remember for some time.
Up to this point Lou and Brendan had been able to maintain some
composure as they accepted their punishment but the bare bottom
caning pushed both of them over their limit.
They howled, cried out and begged loudly as they each received their
6 strokes.


The afternoon session saw quite an improvement and Brendan and Lou’s
aching behinds had a much-needed reprieve.
When class concluded the gentlemen received a stern lecture about
their behavior at the morning session and were ordered to remove
their shorts and stand in opposite corners of the room with their
hands on their head and their flaming bottoms on display.
When their husbands were in position Kate and Sonia stood behind
them and continued the lecture.
As they did so they delivered stinging slaps to their students red
behinds to emphasize certain words.

Sonia and Kate stood back together taking in the sight of their
husbands taut and well chastised bottoms.

Upstairs the bedroom was quiet except for a girlish giggle from Kate
as she lay in Lou’s strong arms,
“I should have started paddling your backside years ago!” she
whispered as she snuggled closer.

Downstairs in the classroom Sonia and Brendan did not have the
luxury of a bed so stood naked together in each other’s arms.
“Let’s go home……. I’m not finished with you yet mister!” Sonia said
Brendan laughed and gave his wife a playful slap on her shapely
“OOO!…’ll pay for that mister” Sonia cooed.
“I hope so ” Brendan replied as he started dressing.


As the education of their Husband’s continued over the weeks Kate
and Sonia could see the improvement both at home and in the
Lou and Brendan were slowly becoming the loving, considerate and
respectful husbands their wives hoped them to be.
In addition the sex life of both couples was so fantastic it was
almost off the scale.

Needless to say Kate and Sonia were two very satisfied wives but
though improved their men still had a long way to go so the weekly
lessons continued.

Like a typical pair of schoolboys Lou and Brendan always found a way
to do something that was not to the liking of their Teachers and
earned themselves at least a couple of bottom blisterings during
each lesson.

Kate and Sonia were by now very experienced in the art of corporal
Whether it be the cane, paddle or strap they made sure their men
would be nursing sore rumps sometimes for days after their lesson.

Lou and Brendan didn’t complain.
Sure the punishments were tough to take and left their butts sore
and tender but afterwards the insatiable sexual appetite of their
beautiful wives and the explosive sex made it all worth while.

In fact Lou and Brendan were quite disappointed that after a couple
of months their wives announced that the upcoming lesson would be
their last one.
To celebrate their graduation the two couples arranged to go to
dinner together after the lesson.
“Just make sure we go somewhere that has soft cushions on the
seats!” Lou joked as he looked at his classmate.

To their surprise, despite their best efforts to earn a whacking,
Lou and Brendan went through the entire lesson with their rumps
completely unscathed.

As the couples hugged each other excitedly at the end of the class
Brendan commented ” Hope you guys aren’t going soft on us…..we
actually went through a whole lesson without getting our butts
Kate and Sonia smiled at each other mischievously producing puzzled
looks from their hubbies.

The dinner at a swanky restaurant was great and the guys even
arranged for a limousine to drop them off and pick them up at the
restaurant so they could all relax and enjoy some wine and drinks.

By the time they were finishing off their champagne in the comfort
of their limousine ride home both couples were necking like
“Now now boys that’s enough of that you have a meeting with your
Teacher when we get home.” Kate announced.
“Yes – you guys did not behave very well in class today and you both
know it ” Sonia added producing that familiar look of bewilderment
on their husband’s faces.
Kate wagged a finger at Lou ” You deserved a sound bare bottom
caning today Lou but what you’re going to get when we get home is
going to last a lot longer I can tell you!” she warned sternly.
“That goes for you too mister ” Sonia echoed as she pointed a
warning finger at Brendan.

“You see gentlemen as we can’t punish you in class any more we had
to come up with a way to do it in the comfort of her home ” Sonia
“Kate and I did a little shopping this week and came up with just
the thing to keep you guys in line” she went on.
“Tonight gentlemen you will both be getting your first taste of the
back of a nice old-fashioned oak hairbrush” she declared boldly.
“If you guys thought the cane or the paddle stung you are in for
quite a surprise tonight – don’t expect to be sitting down
comfortably for a week – so plan accordingly” Kate said ominously.

The remainder of the drive was somewhat quiet with Lou and Brendan
in a state of shock and anticipation.
The two couples bid each other goodnight as they headed into their
respective homes.
After only a few minutes the scene was set with Sonia and Kate
sitting on the edge of the bed still in their `Teacher’ clothes and
brandishing a large wooden hairbrush in their hand.
Before them with heads bowed stood their naked husbands.

Soon the sound of hardwood cracking repeatedly on well-muscled male
buttocks filled the bedrooms and was even audible on the street
Unlike their school punishments which had a set amount of strokes
the hairbrush landed relentlessly visiting the same tender sit spot
again and again.
After holding their composure for quite a while the two men began
blubbering like babies as their wives walloped away with venom.

Sonia paused to take a breath and study Brendan’s flaming rear.
Like an artist she proudly viewed the patchwork of reds she had
painted on her husband’s buttocks.
Brendan let out a shriek and flinched as the final flurry of
stinging swats landed.

When the seemingly endless hairbrushings mercifully ended Lou and
Brendan were both sporting truly blistered bottoms!

They danced helplessly around the room, hopping from foot to foot
vainly trying to rub out the sting in their tails.
Their wives looked on in satisfaction knowing that their husbands’
backsides were going to be burning for quite some time.


Lou and Brendan shuffled their feet and squirmed as they stood in
the corner of their bedrooms, their red asses on display and their
hand on their heads.
Meanwhile Sonia and Kate had removed their outfits and lay sprawled
face down on their beds chatting with each other on the phone.
Occasionally they eyed their distressed husbands to make sure they
remained in position and made no attempt to rub their scorched rears.

The ladies ended their conversation but remained sprawled on the
bed, wearing only tiny thongs which framed their silky globes and
curvaceous hips.

Sonia raised herself up on her elbows letting her firm breasts hang
down seductively.
“You can join me now you naughty boy!” she purred.

“Turn around Lou” Kate ordered sternly.
Lou slowly turned and his penis stood to attention at the sight of
Kate on the bed.

Both the red-bottomed husbands wasted no time in leaping into bed
with their wives for an evening of passionate sex that lasted for
hours to come.


Kate yawned as she poured a morning coffee for Sonia.
“Someone didn’t get much sleep last night ” her friend teased.
Kate blushed “Paddling Lou’s backside last night really turned me on.
I was insatiable and he just couldn’t get enough of me.
We went at it like minks until dawn!” she declared.

Sonia nodded proudly ” That hairbrush is going to be getting a lot of 

use but I’m kind of
sad our Husband School project is finished. What do you plan to do
with our classroom? “she asked.

Kate put a finger to her chin and pondered for a moment.
“College for Husbands” she announced to cackles of joy from Sonia.

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May 312011

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May 302011
The Cowboy returns to exact his revenge on the Blackwell sisters. 
Many thanks to my new favorite writer of western fiction.

(The asterisks are mine – editing more lovely yet saucy sex talk.)

–  Dana

Make sure to click ‘Read More’ at the bottom of the visible text to view the entire story.


As soon as he was out of view of the Blackwell sisters , Todd
painfully dismounted and rubbed the seat of his jeans.
It didn’t help much.
The effects of the hairbrushing Susan Blackwell had given him were
really beginning to take their toll.
The only option was to walk his horse home .
However , even that was painful as the rough denim brushed against
his tender skin with every step.
“Darn it !” he said angrily and kicked off his boots to remove his
He felt ridiculous walking home bare-assed but it was bearable and
there was nobody there to see anyway.

Back at the river an envious Julie was pushing a very smug looking
Susan for details.
“Boy did I tan his ass good with that hairbrush Julie…..– he won’t be
able to sit for a week!
…but what a gorgeous set of buns he has….so firm and hard…”” Susan
teased .
Julie felt hot just listening to her sister.
“How did you manage to get him over your knee anyway?’ Julie asked.
Susan laughed “Typical male , all power and bluster. Once I’d tripped
him to the ground it was easy.”

Julie looked impressed.
“I get the feeling that there was a lot more than spanking going on
here?” Julie asked.
Susan pouted.
“Sure was… and there would have been lots more if you hadn’t shown up
when you did !

Julie was getting hotter now thinking about the hunky Todd and she
climbed back on her horse.
“Where do you think your going ?” Susan demanded.
“I am a trained Nurse….best I take a look at Todd’s … his…er…injury..
in case you overdid it with that hairbrush !” Julie replied as she
galloped off.
“Oh no you don’t!” Susan squealed and ran for her horse.

Todd was enjoying the cool breeze blowing against his raw backside
and didn’t see the cloud of dust behind him which was the Blackwell
Susan had caught up with her sister and rode alongside her trying her
best to dismount her.
Julie fought back , grabbing a bunch of Susan’s hair and pushing her
Their duel continued until they were almost right on top of a
startled Todd.
The sisters pulled up , dismounted and launched into a full fledged

Completely forgetting his state of undress , Todd secured the horses
and then turned to break up the fight.
The ride had tired out Susan and Julie so there was little steam in
their punches allowing Todd to take them by the scruff of their
shirts and pull them apart.
It was only then that he realized he was without his jeans !

“Stay there –both of you !” Todd warned as he released his grip.

Susan and Julie remained dangling over the fence arguing with each
other fiercely until
Todd returned.
The sisters turned their heads to look at him and were silenced by
the sight of Susan’s hairbrush in Todd’s hand.
Todd hauled the pair off the fence and back onto their feet.
Susan and Julie stood before Todd with heads bowed in shame.
“Get those clothes off now – both of you !” Todd bellowed.

“AW NOOOO….” Julie and Susan chimed in protest .
Todd was in no mood to repeat his order and leaned menacingly closer
to the sisters.
Susan and Julie were soon busy wiggling their shapely hips out of
their tight jeans and unbuttoning their shirts.
*** the sisters stood
before him stark naked now , making half-hearted attempts to cover
their modesty with their arms and hands.
For a moment the sight of these two beauties took his mind away from
the task in hand but he quickly re-focused.

Todd took a step toward Julie , picking her up and easily tucking her
under his arm.
Her shapely bottom jiggled and her legs kicked out as Todd raised the
hairbrush and commenced a brisk spanking which soon turned Julies
curvy bottom a flaming red.
Julie wailed as the swats rained down again and again n her tender
tush .
She pounded on Todd’s back and kicked her legs wildly , which only
served to give Todd a fine view of her female charms and also
allowing him to land a few well aimed swats to the tender area inside
her cheeks.
Julie yelped loudly as the brush warmed the sensitive area.
Releasing Julie , he ignored her tantalizing spanking jig and took
hold of Susan.

“Now Todd ….take it easy now….I……AAAAAHHH!” she pleaded as she was
scooped up and placed in the same position under Todd’s arm as her
sister had occupied.
Meanwhile Julie grimaced and rubbed her bottom cheeks furiously as
she watched her sister flail and kick in vain as Todd prepared to
spank her.
Todd smiled as he took in the delightful sight of Susan’s jiggling
globes and shapely legs before raising the hairbrush high in the air.
`WHAP !’ `WHAP !”WHAP !’`WHAP !’
The hairbrush danced all over Susan’s jiggling cheeks under Todd’s
expert direction.
The swats were landing so fast and furious on her bottom she could
barely catch her breath.
The burning was almost unbearable.
For the sake of fairness Todd made sure Susan received the last few
swats in that same tender area inside her cheeks which caused Julie
such distress.
Susan’s wild kicking provided easy access to the target area.
Susan swore and screeched just as loudly as her sister .
Satisfied that Susan’s rear was as well toasted as Julie’s ,Todd let
her go to perform a wild spanking dance which rivaled that of Julie’s.



“More sweet potatoes Todd?” Julie asked.
Todd nodded and a pile of potatoes landed on his plate.
Todd and the Blackwell sisters all sat tentatively on pillows as they
ate supper together.
“Next time you catch me on your property feel free to give me a dose
of that hairbrush ladies !” Todd cackled.
The Blackwell sisters giggled and nodded excitedly.
“We sure will as long as afterwards you give us a spanking too!” they
replied together.
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May 292011

Many thanks to the several hundred respondents to the previous spanking surveys. We can learn a lot from our fellow spankos.

A link to this survey also appears in the sidebar on the right side of the page.

As always, I will share the results of the ‘Let’s Talk Spanking’ Survey here.

– Dana


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May 292011

Two hundred and eighty-nine of you took the time to complete the most recent ‘Spanking Preferences’ Survey. Thank you, two hundred and eighty-nine times.

35% of respondents said that they participate in spanking occasionally with a play partner.
22% play occasionally with their relationship partner.
Thirty-nine respondents (about 13%) said that they are currently in a Domestic Discipline relationship. Nice!

And forty (14%) said that they are inactive, and do not participate in spanking play at all. Not so nice.

Find someone you like and spank them. Or ask them to spank you.

Twenty-eight percent said that they either do not participate in role-play, or only participate rarely. The other 72% are up for just about anything.

Only twenty-eight of you (about 10%) said that you prefer no scolding with your spankings. The other ninety percent were pretty evenly divided between a little and a lot.

46% prefer a hard spanking that leaves a few marks (7-8 on the Sensitivity Scale). Only four respondents said that they prefer their spankings at the 1-2 level, and…surprisingly…only four said that they like to go 10+ on theirs.

Nearly half of you are on FetLife, and 38% on Facebook. Find one another, network, make friends…just look at how much you all have in common. ~

– Dana

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