Journal of Impending Discipline – The Very Bad Boy

In less than two weeks I will visit New York City again (and Boston and Philadelphia), and have spent recent weeks fielding email inquiries from potential playmates.  One of the emails that I received was of particular interest because it was written by a gentleman in a long-term, female-led domestic discipline relationship. His request, echoed […]

F/M Spanking Story – The Peeker

(What? You thought that there were no more reader-submitted F/M Spanking stories? Wrong. Here’s another great one…   – Dana)  ***** I grew up in the 1950s, when most mothers werethe housekeepers and didn’t have to go back towork as soon as the kids were old enough toleave in the care of someone else. I’d oftengo […]

Spanking Tolerance and the Base Ten System

During a recent spanking I asked for a verbal acknowledgment of the current level of discomort that my bottom was experiencing – a ‘check-in’, so to speak. Unable to properly vocalize this, my spankee was at a bit of a loss. In a follow-up communication I received an excellent question. The question was something like: “With […]

Free your Mind, and your Ass will follow.

It is unusual for me to comment on sessions without request of my playmates, but today’s spanking is an exception to the rule. I don’t spank and tell, so there will be no details, but this particular session bears mentioning. Why? Because today I had the rare honor of providing a woman with her first […]

NYC-PHL-BOS Travel Update and eek!

Travel dates for my upcoming visit to the east coast are: New York City – May 13-15thPhiladelphia – May 16thBoston – May 18 -20th Session availability is very limited. Email me for scheduling at On another note, my Mac is in ICU. I will be posting more Spanking Story Contest entries, photos and free […]

No News is Good News

I will be taking a much needed and oft-postponed week off to catch up with relatives and friends this week, and will be unable (or unwilling) to post new blogs until April 19th.  Until then, amuse yourselves with the free videos you’ll find on the sidebar to the right; re-read all the wonderfully written spanking […]

The First 108

I have received 108 responses to the ‘Spanking Preferences Survey’ to date. Thanks to all who have taken the time to participate thus far. Here are some of the statistics from the first 108 responses – see how you compare to other spankos.* For the question “How would you categorize your Spanko Status?”, thirty-nine percent (39%) […]

New Video Teaser – Screenshot

Here is a screenshot from the the new f/m spanking video I just made. I will post the full video soon. Contemplating his punishment. ‘This should have been a fun, non-disciplinary spanking. It turned into punishment for a smart-ass.’ Visit my premium video, DVD, and products website at

Travel, Mentions, and Next Month’s Contest

©Dana Kane Travel dates for New York City (May 13-15), Philadelphia (May 16&17) and Boston (May 19&20) are fast approaching, and availability is already limited. Email me for details and scheduling.  _____ The dates are set for the Tampa Tanners ‘Back-to-School’ Bash. Join me in Tampa, Florida, August 19-21, for what is building up […]

Today’s F/M Spanking Story – Punished Cheater

 This story is another of my favorites from the Spanking Story Contest, but it’s no ‘short’ story. Grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy.    (Be sure to click on ‘Read More‘ at the end of the visible post for the full story.)        – Dana ©Dana Kane Discovering Adult Spanking   […]

Spanking Preferences Survey

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Excellent F/M Spanking Story

There are still so many great Spanking Stories to share with you – this is another example of excellent reader-submitted F/M Spanking. Enjoy!   (Make sure to click ‘Read More’ for the entire story when you get to the bottom of the visible post.) – Dana Kane I’m one of those people who have been into […]

F/M Spanking Story – Dana Kane Contest Entry

*** was a single woman , a gym teacher who had recently retired after twenty years. She lived alone in a large Victorian home in a small town in northern california. She was a very strict woman and my first day livingwith her laid out her rules and regulations.Immediately I began breaking every rule. She […]

Goodies, Mentions, and Friends

Spanking New Toys! I love short, compact implements – the ones I can use up-close, personal, and OTK. With that in mind, my friends at Paddles and Panties designed this teeny yet evil ABS Traveler paddle and a stinger favorite of mine, The Rule. Teaser: I will use these for the first time in my […]

Dana Kane’s Spanking Story Contest Winner

Spanking Story Contest – March/April 2011 – Win a Free Spanking Session with Dana Kane – The Spanking Story Contest was a lot of fun, and I have received many well-written entries. Nearly every day brought a new story or two (or three), and I have enjoyed every one of them immensely. Some entrants were […]