Mar 302011
-Travel Reminder-
I am currently filling out my travel calendar for the rest of 2011, and am interested in your suggestions and visiting requests. If you’d like me to visit your city, please send an email to
Current 2011 travel includes:

San Diego – April 8th and 9th

Las Vegas – Late April/Early May (tbd)

New York City – May 13, 14, and 15th
Philadelphia – May 16 and 17th
Boston – May 19 and 20th
London, UK – July (tbd)
Tampa, Miami, Orlando – Late August (tbd)

Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota
Ontario, Canada
Carolinas, Virginia, Atlanta
Seattle, Portland
Vancouver, BC

Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas

I am looking forward to meeting many like-minded playmates – check back often as I will be updating travel monthly.

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Mar 292011
Since beginning I have received many thoughtful emails, comments, and spanking session inquiries. I am pleased and complimented at such a warm welcome, and would like to recognize the sites and fellow bloggers who have sent a remarkable number of visitors my way. 
Max Fisch Domina Guide is an excellent source of information about Professional Dominants and Disciplinarians in the U.S. and abroad. The Max Fisch message board, “The Hang”, is a popular location for Reviews of Professional Disciplinarians and Dommes, as well as various discussions on BDSM.

I enjoy reading wdspoone’s Ma’am Yes Ma’am, a well-written and nicely designed F/M Domestic Discipline blog that features stories, video links, and wdspoone’s nicely crafted spanking implements. A must-read for fans of Female-Led Relationships.

Spanking Bloggers Network is another great source for lovers of Spanking and Domestic Discipline. A by-the-post updated blogroll of some of the best spanking blogs around, including M/F, F/F, and F/M Spanking content. 

For regular updates on F/M Spanking and Discipline videos featuring some of the best Disciplinarians on film, check out F/M Spanking World. They also feature a Disciplinarians section, as well as a section for F/M Spanking Video Studios.

Thanks also to D’s Naughty Boy Spanking Blog, an excellent blog run by a real-life spanko and Domestic Discipline enthusiast. Filled with videos, artwork, and interactive polls…a fun read.

For fans of M/F spanking, I highly recommend Erica Scott: Life, Love and Spanking. Erica’s writings are funny, eloquent, and inherently spanko. She is the real thing.

Happy Spanking~

-Dana Kane

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Mar 242011
Carrying out his sentence in Spanking Court.
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Mar 242011

“Dana Kane Spanks NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia May 2011″
I will be visiting New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia May 12-21, 2011. Dates will be confirmed within the coming week – email for details.

-Dana Kane
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Mar 212011
Recently, I have been receiving more and more emails from boys who seem reluctant to ask me any questions – they are apologetic for wanting to share their interests and expectations of a possible spanking session with me.
I understand that politeness and good manners are necessary – I expect them from every person who I meet, and give them readily. I do not, however, expect or require that potential playmates subjugate themselves to me in order to be considered. Naturally submissive boys are encouraged to bow and scrape to their hearts’ desire and will be received with abundant glee, but for those of you who have no interest in psychological submission…have no fear. 
I appreciate your questions – I WANT your input.
With this in mind, I’ve put together a little FAQ to get the ball rolling. Anything else you want to know? Just ask…   

-Dana Kane

(I’ll permanently embed the FAQ in the sidebar of the blog and add to it if/when necessary.)
Dana Kane FAQ

Q.   Do you spank at home, in a hotel, or dungeon?

 A.    In Los Angeles, I take sessions at a private, fully-equipped dungeon-type playspace. I do NOT do home or outcall sessions. When traveling, I always attempt to find a private yet professional space in which to hold sessions. While dungeon-type playspaces are not typically outfitted with a very domestic feel, I prefer the discretion and privacy afforded there, which cannot always be duplicated in a hotel suite.

Q.   Are you a Dominatrix?

A.   I do offer a variety of BDSM play sessions, yes. I built the site so that my main interest and fetish – spanking – would have a place to stand apart from other types of D/s play. I understand that most spankos have little to no interest in ‘whips and chains’ and have kept that in mind with the strictly spanking site(blog) and it’s content.
I do not employ humiliation tactics, hoods, or full-body leather in domestic scenes…relax.

Q.   Do you have a bunch of ugly tattoos?

A.   No. I have a bunch of very pretty tattoos – most of which I keep covered during domestic and spanking scenes.

Q.   Can I have a blow/hand/foot job?

A.    No.

Q.   Why do you give away your spanking content for free?

A.    I love spanking, I am a total ham, and I believe that sharing my interests with fellow spankos is good for my professional reputation and overall relationship with clients and fans.

Q. Will you be selling videos in the future?

 A.    Probably, yes, but will still give away free photos and videos. I’ve no intention of charging for every little bit of content that I produce, now or in the future.

Q.   Can I be in one of your videos?

A.   I am always happy to discuss your participation in video production. Email me for details.

 Q.   Can I call you and talk about it all?

A.    Absolutely. I require that all prospective new playmates send a respectful and detailed introductory email, outlining interests, experience, limits, etc.  Once a common rapport has been established and a tentative day/time has been set for our meeting we will confirm via telephone and you will have the opportunity to share any information – and ask any other questions –  you feel necessary.

Q.   Tell us about YOUR spanking experience, Dana Kane.

A.    I was not spanked much as a child. By the time I was eight or nine years old, my parents realized that spanking just was not very affective with this headstrong little girl. The only way to get my attention at that age was to force me to stay in my room, thereby stopping me from running all over the neighborhood with my best friend and driving all the old neighbors crazy.

Spanking began for me in an adult, female-led domestic discipline relationship…which happened completely by accident.  What began as a sort of fun, sexy joke became a real and integral part of a very successful and long-term relationship. It was years before anyone outside the relationship had the opportunity to judge my spanker ‘skills’.

In the ensuing years, I have not intentionally sought out domestic discipline relationships, but they have managed to find me again and again. It is a comfortable, natural, happy place for me to function from – and it turns out that sharing my love of spanking with others is a comfortable, natural,  happy place as well.

I look forward to sharing this love until I cannot swing my arm anymore…thank you for allowing me that opportunity. Until we meet –

-Dana Kane

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